Paying a Sears Credit Card Online

Sears CardSears has been around for over 100 years, and from its early days as a mail order catalogue, they have progressed with the various shopping trends of the day. Though the once-popular catalog stopped being sent out in 1993, the brand is still alive through retail department stores and online shopping.

Sears is very well known for their hardware and appliance sections, and many people choose to shop primarily in these departments, foregoing  everything else the store has to offer. However, they also carry a number of household goods and electronics as well as a large selection of clothing for men, women and children.

With so much on Sears’ shelves, it makes perfect sense that they offer a store credit card. And, since Kmart took the brand over, the card can be used for everyday purchases at any Kmart location.

For cardholders of the Sears Card, the easiest method of paying the bill is through their online service. If you have one of these credit cards but have yet to register your card online to allow making payments over the internet, you can do so at the card’s registration page by clicking here. You will be asked to submit your personal information as well as the account information for your Sears Card.

Making a Sears Card Payment Online

Once you are registered, just follow these easy steps to paying your account:

  1. Use your browser of choice to go to the Sears Card login page (operated by Citibank)
  2. In the “Login” boxes, type in the user ID and password supplied to you during registration. Check the “Remember my User ID” box if you want the webpage to. When ready click the “Sign On” button


  1. Navigate to the make a payment section of the site
  2. Once there, provide the page with your choice of payment information and click the submit payment option after you have verified all of your information is correct
  3. After you receive a confirmation, you can continue to view your account information or simply close the browser if you want

Other Payment Options

If you do not want to register online or you are uncomfortable with making online payments, you may also pay via other methods:

You can pay your Sears Card bill in store. The nearest Sears can be located via the Sears store locator page by entering your information in the fields shown below


Phone and mail payments are also available. To pay by phone call (800) 917-7700 and follow the prompts to submit your payment. By mail, the address to send your payment to is:

Sears card payment adress

If you have any further inquiries, use the contact information printed below.

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