How to Renew Your Sam’s Club Membership

sam's club logoSam’s Club is a big-box membership chain of stores that offer its customers a wide selection of goods at low prices. They can sell their wares at such low prices because they sell primarily in bulk, which means the per-item price of their merchandise is much lower when compared to normal supermarkets or other retail chains.


If you shop at Sam’s Club but need to renew your membership, you can get that taken care of by following these instructions:

Register for Online Access

To be able to renew your Sam’s Club membership online, you will first have to register for access to the Sam’s Club website. To get that done, you are going to want your Sam’s Club card handy so you can pull the membership number from it. Head over to Sam’s Club login page to begin.

Enter the membership number and your zip code into the fields under the register heading on the login screen and click the blue continue button shown here:

sam's club register

Follow the prompts to create your login credentials and set your online account up. After that, you may log in to your account and complete the steps printed below to renew your account with the company.


Sam’s Club Membership Renewal Online

If you already have online access to your Sam’s Club account, follow these directions to renew your membership:

  1. Go to the website (link on the bottom of this page). To do so, click that link or type the URL into your browser’s address bar
  2. Input the email address and password that you gave to the system when going through the online registration process and click the blue Sign In button as shown with the image below:

sam's club login

  1. Navigate to the account management section of the site and find then click the renew membership button
  2. Enter the information requested as well as your payment information by following the on-screen prompts. Submit your membership renewal to the system
  3. You will see a screen that tells you that your membership renewal is complete, after that feel free to log off of the website and head to your local Sam’s Club for some big-box shopping

Renew in Stores

You can also renew your membership while visiting a Sam’s Club by going to the customer service desk and simply telling them that you would like to renew it. To find a Sam’s Club near you, visit the Sam’s Club Locator page and input your geographical information and store preferences.

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