Upgrade and renew Sam’s Club membership online

Sam’s club LogoSam’s club is a business for Sam’s West Inc. It is was started in 1983, it inherited the name from the Walmart founder Sam Walton since then it has been managed by Walmart. Some of the things stocked in these warehouses include jewelry, designer merchandise, crystal, food, among others.

The Membership

One acquires membership for this retail, ware house clubs that operates in U.S, Brazil, China and Mexico for purchases at the club. The Sam’s Club membership gives you a chance to get benefits on what you love or may need to purchase later. United has three membership types, the Business, Savings and Plus. The Plus membership gives you discounts and offers for the services and products. One has to pay membership fees, the Club assures the members of the availability of the fees at any time of the membership period. The membership can be renewed in the club at the Membership Services desk, at any cash register, at ATM/membership outlets or online.

How to renew Sam’s club Membership online

  1.  A member should first visit www.Samsclub.com/renew-now: http://www.samsclub.com/sams/homepage.jsp. Click “Sign in” at the top left corner.Sign in here
  2. This directs you to this link: http://www.samsclub.com/sams/homepage.jsp.Sign in here
  3. On the left side of your page, fill in your email and password below the word “Sign in”.
  4. Once you cannot sign up for online membership, you should go to your local club and sign up from there, as it is currently with Puerto Rico.
  5. The hit “Sign in” just below the page. This now directs you to “My account” page.
  6. On this page, check on the lower left hand for “My Membership Summary”, click it.
  7. From here click “Renew My Membership”. The shipping address is likely to change to the address of the club near you as from the mother club number.
  8. You are required to pay for your renewal fees $100 for a plus membership, $45 for Sam’s business and $45 for Sam’s savings and submit the membership number.
  9. Click “change auto renewal settings” to change the settings.
  10. A dialog box comes before your window and choose Yes or No then proceed to save.

When a notification hangs on your page that states “Renew Membership” know that your membership has expired and you can follow the same steps to renew Sam’s club membership online.

Upgrading the membership

  1. On your account, go to “My Membership Summary” and click on the “Upgrade My Membership”.
  2. Choose “upgrade now” to immediately upgrade.
  3. The cost of upgrading is taken from the day you are to renew Sam’s Club membership online with Samsclub.com/renew-now portal.
  4. Check for the updated information on your summary page.
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Company name : Sam’s Club
Address : 19091 I-45 SConroe, TX 77385
State: Texas
Zip Code : 77385
Phone Number : (936) 271-1831

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