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Target Red Card (Debit + Credit)For over 110 years, Target has provided customers a place to find almost anything they need at discounted prices. Their direct competition is Walmart but, where most people visit Walmart for the low prices, Target customers often mention that Target’s selection is of substantially higher quality than their Walmart counterparts. That being the case and although Target is considered to be a discount retail shop, Target’s prices are nominally higher than Walmarts, but the small increase is said to be “worth it.”

Due to the fact that almost anything that a home needs from groceries to furniture is available at Target, the Target REDcard has become a popular credit card for people who like shopping at the retail store, of which there are over 1,900 in the United States alone.

Target gives its REDcard users a handful of ways to pay their bills. To make a payment on your card, use one of the methods below:

REDcard Phone Bill Pay

Payments over the phone can be made through the phone number (888) 755-5856. You will need your debit or checking information to make a payment over the phone as well as the identifying information from your Target REDcard, so make sure to have them on hand.

REDcard Online Payment

  1. Go to the Target REDcard Login page in your browser
  2. Enter your Username and Password into the fields provided and click “Sign In” snap

  1. Click the link to pay your bill
  2. Enter your payment information and, if you know you will be using it again, save the information to your account
  3. Submit your payment and the Target REDcard page will inform you if it was successful or not.

REDcard Bill Pay in Stores

To make a payment in person, you can do so at any Target cashiers or at the customer service desk. Simply inform the clerk that you would like to make a payment and they will slide your card. From there, just give your preferred payment method and tell them how much you would like to pay. For the Target retail location nearest you, use their store locator and fill in  this field and click the magnifying glass icon:

Target store locator

REDcard Bill Pay by Mail

If, for whatever reason, you can’t make it into a store or you don’t want to use the Target REDcard website, you may send your payment, which should have a note telling your account number, to this address:

Target red card adress payment

Some Important Links

If you need any help, dont hesitate and contact the Target Red Card bill payment them at-

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