Progressive Insurance Bill Payment Options

progressive logoSince the introduction of the advertising character Flo in their commercials, the popularity of Progressive Corporation has boomed quite remarkably. The company is most well known for their automobile insurance, but they also insure nearly every other kind of physical property available, including homes, watercraft, recreational vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and more.

If you have Progressive as your insurance provider, there are a handful of ways available to you for making payments on your account, including two different ways to handle payments online. To find out more about your options for policy payments, continue reading.

Bill Pay Online (No Login)

  1. Go to the bill pay website in a new window or tab by clicking that link
  2. There are two links that will take you to the same page that you want to be at. They are both labeled “Make a Payment” but they are a little small. You can find and click them as highlighted in this image:

progressiveagent splash

  1. Enter either the email address that you have provided to progressive for paperless communications or your policy number into the first box. Enter your zip code into the second box and, finally, input the birthday of any of the covered drivers on your insurance policy and click the “Continue” button

progressive payment portal login

  1. Enter your payment information and follow any prompts given by the website while verifying that all information you’re putting in is accurate so as to ensure it’s your account that gets credited with payment. Finalize the payment submission
  2. You can close the website window when you receive a message informing you of a successful payment

Bill Pay Online (With Login)

If you have already gone through the registration process for online account management with the Progressive Corporation, you can login with your selected credentials and make a payment through the website’s account dashboard. If you have yet to do so and would like to register, click here.

The login page to go through the online payment process is available by clicking this Progressive login link. From there you can set up a preferred payment option, automatic payments, manage and modify your insurance policy and more.

Bill Payment by Phone

If online bill payment just isn’t your thing, you can call Progressive Corporation to get your bill paid on time. They have two numbers, one specifically for California and one for every other state in America. To call the California-only number, dial 800-300-3693. For everybody else in the United States, dial 800-876-5581.

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Company name : The Progressive Corp.
Address : Mayfield Village
State: Ohio
Zip Code : 44143
Phone Number : 1-800-776-4737

One thought on “Progressive Insurance Bill Payment Options

  1. Jeannine Mateubeu Takouam

    Please I need ProgressiveAgent to verify and change my Zip code isn’t correct at all. This is why I found difficulty to pay my bill online because I put my correct zip code he didn’t show up on the system, and is like one of the reason why my insurance is too high because one Agent told me is because of the location so , my location is not correct ; please I need somebody to verify and correct it includes the price.
    My correct zip code is 20710 city Bladensburg
    Thank you! !


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