Online Payment for Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 Gas Cards

phillips66conoco76 LogoAlthough Phillips 66 actually separated from Conoco and 76 recently, they still share quite a few services, including the brands’ various gas cards and their payment portal, accessible through the website that we discuss in the guide below. Between the three brands, they cover most of the United States and most people in the country are familiar with at least one of these companies.

If you have a 76, Phillips 66 or Conoco gas card and are looking to make a payment on the credit account, you can easily do so by following the directions written in this guide.

Registering Your Gas Card

Before you can log in through the website (which is ran by the financial institution Synchrony), you must go through the registration process to receive online access for account management and bill payment. To register, navigate to the Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 Account Registration page and begin the process by typing your account number into the field shown on the screen.

phillips 66 conoco 76 online registration

You will then be asked to validate your identity, choose your login credentials and pick a secret, personal image that you’ll use during the login process for the primary payment portal website.

Making an Online Payment to Phillips 66, Conoco or 76

  1. Go to the Phillips 66, Conoco & 76 gas card payment portal through, accessible by clicking here
  2. Type your user ID into the text field on the left side of the screen and click the “Remember me” box to have store your login name. Click the “secure login” button

phillips 66 conoco 76 login screen

  1. You will then be prompted for your password, enter the one you chose during registration and continue
  2. Navigate to the make a payment portion of the website. You will be asked for the amount you want to pay, when you want it to be pulled from your bank account and for your payment information. Fill the fields in when asked and submit them after checking twice for accuracy
  3. You are done once you see a payment successful screen and you can leave the site or shut down your browser at that point

No matter which of these companies you have a gas card through, always ensure to have your payment in on time and for the correct amount. If you believe you will have trouble keeping up with the invoices on one of these cards, or any other card for that matter, don’t even risk applying for them in the first place.

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Address : P.O. Box 7200 Bartlesville,
State: OK
Zip Code : 74005
Phone Number : 1-800-527-5476

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