Make a Peebles Credit Card Payment Online

peebles cardsAs part of the Stage Stores collection of retail shops, Peebles is somewhat popular in select areas of the United States for affordable goods. They specialize in selling clothing, decorations, fashion accessories and more.

The Peebles store credit card can also be used at other Stage Stores locations, including Palais Royal, Bealls and others. For those looking to make a payment on a Peebles store credit card account, you can do so online quite easily. To find out how, continue reading this simple-to-follow guide.

Before You Can Make an Online Payment

You must register your credit card account online through Comenity before you will be allowed to make a payment on your Peebles credit card over the internet. Click here to access the peebles registration page. You will need to input various personal data sets like your SSN and zip code and, to make the process much easier, you should use your Peebles credit card during the process and input the number for that as well:

After you have registered your Peebles credit card through the Comenity registration system, you may go on to make your payments online.

peebles register

Pay Your Peebles Card Bill Online

  1. With your internet browser, visit the Peebles credit card payment (link is on the botoom of this page) login page
  2. During the registration that you went through with Comenity, you would have chosen a user name and password. Enter those into the appropriately labeled fields. Click the “Remember me” box to allow the website to save your login name. When done inputting your login credentials, click the “Sign In” button

peebles credit card login

  1. Navigate to the part of the Comenity site for making a payment
  2. When you get to the payment portion of the site, you will enter how much you are going to pay and when you would like the payment to be withdrawn from your account. Enter your payment information when the site asks for it, always making sure to double check all of your entries for accuracy
  3. Once you are satisfied with the input payment information, submit it. You will know your payment is successful when you receive a screen confirming the payment has gone through, after which you can close the internet browser

For More Help

For those who run into any kind of problems with the Comenity site while attempting to make a payment on your Peebles credit card, you should contact Comenity directly. The customer service phone number is (800) 324-0324 or you can mail them a letter at this address:

Comenity bank adress payment

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Company name : Peebles
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Zip Code : 77025
Phone Number : 1-800-324-3244

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