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USBank LogoAs one of the leading commercial banks in the United States, U.S. Bank has been at the forefront in providing innovative and efficient financial offerings to its customers. Their products and services – which include regular banking services, insurance, investment, and the like – have been attractive enough to propel them to being the fifth largest bank in the country when it comes to customer deposits. This amounts to roughly $250.5 billion since the end of 2013. U.S. Bank’s total assets are now at $364 billion since 2013. U.S. Bank is also spread out all across the nation with 5,086 ATMs and 3.086 banks dotting the landscape.

Throughout all this, U.S. Bank remains a bank that is strongly committed to good ethics and giving back to their community. This culture permeates their 64,000 employees spread out in 25 Midwestern and western states. They are also very customer-friendly, with online banking services allowing their customers to pay their bills and manage their accounts online at onlinebanking

Pay your Bills Online at Onlinebanking

  1. The customers first access
  2. In case he still does not have his own online account, the customer clicks on the ENROLL NOW button in order to create an account.
    usbank enroll now link on login page
  3. The next page is the Enrollment page. He needs to enroll to get online access to his existing accounts. He selects his account type, inputs his account information, and then creates his security profile (user ID and password). After he agrees to the terms and conditions, his account is created.
    usbank enrollment page
  4. The customer now returns to the initial login page. Since he now has an account he can now log in. He puts in his personal ID on the space provided. The customer makes sure it says “Online Banking” right below that. If everything looks OK, he clicks on LOG IN.
    usbank login button on login page
  5. The customer is now logged in and ready and able to pay his bills online.

Other Features of onlinebanking

After logging in, you will notice that you now have many other account management features at your fingertips, literally. Aside from being able to pay your bills, you can also manage your online account by viewing your balances, transferring funds between accounts, setting up alerts and accessing your past and current statements.

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Company name : U.S. Bank
Address : 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis
State: Minnesota, MN
Zip Code : 55402
Phone Number : (612) 872-2657

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