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Ameren logoAmeren Corporation is a utility company that offers electricity and gas. Ameren was formed when Missouri’s Union Electric Company and Central Illinois Public Service Company merged.

Paying your Ameren bill is easy – you can use Western Union Speedpay, by phone, mail online, or in person. Here are the following ways by which you can pay your bill.

Pay your Ameren Bill By Phone

By dialing: 888 777 3108, you can make payments using electronic check, debit or credit cards. Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards are used as well as American Express credit cards.

Ameren Online Payment

You can pay your bill online through a debit or credit card at Ameren website

Online payment process

  • Navigate to your Ameren account log in page.
  • Enter your UserID and your password
  • Click the Log In button and you will be redirect to your account. login login SNAP

For new users click on the “Register” link and fill in the information required.ameren registration


Some Important notes regading the Ameren Illinois SpeedPay

  • Only 5 card transactions are permitted per 25 day period for security.
  • If your bill is in collection, charged in or you’re bankrupt; you aren’t eligible to pay via card. It doesn’t matter how much you need to pay, their will always be a Western Union convenience fee.
  • Payment is credited to your Ameren account immediately it’s received at your speedpay account. A receipt number is generated as payment verification.
  • You can only pay for amounts of $1,500 and below per transaction – Amounts above that can only be done in multiple transactions.
  • If your card is rejected you will be notified of the reason or told to contact your issuer. For technical assistance to make payments call 877 766 8210

Direct Pay

Here your bill is paid automatically from your bank account. This is service is offered free of charge. Once you enroll, a reminder will be printed on your statement on the date which your account will be debited. This is the Ameren Illinois Direct Pay link. You will need to click the “Start Now” link and login (as we explained in the last paragraph).
Ameren Direct Pay Snap

Budget Billing Plan

When you register for this type of plan, your bills are leveled out through out the year. This means that your pay a fixed amount of cash every month. This is the Budget Billing link, click the “enroll budget billing” link and login.
Budget Billing enroll link


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Company name : Ameren Corporation
Address : PO Box 88034 Chicago
State: IL
Zip Code : 60680-1034
Phone Number : 888.777.3108

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