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Old Navy CardsOwned by the clothing company Gap, Old Navy’s popularity has grown considerably since their founding in 1994. They specialize in affordable ready-to-wear garments that feature fairly universal styles, which has played a major role in the brand becoming a household name in only a few short years. This surge in popularity has led to Old Navy creating credit cards that customers can use to earn discounts toward future Old Navy purchases.

It is important to note that the Old Navy Visa Card is a real line of credit and not making payments on time can lead to a negative impact on your credit reports. To make a payment, use one of the following methods.

Online Payments through Banana Republic Online Credit Center

To make online payments, you will first have to register your account through their Cardholder Account Services. You will need your card handy when registering so you can input the necessary data like the account number and your identifying information.

old navy online registration

If you’re already registered, paying online is fairly simple:

  1. Visit eService.OldNavy.com with your preferred internet browser
  2. Enter your User ID and click the “Login” button

old navy sign in

  1. Enter your password when prompted and hit “Enter” on your keyboard.
  2. Once logged in with the correct User ID and password, you will see options available for cardholders. Click the payment option.
  3. Type in how much you want to pay as well as the necessary identifying and payment information. Click the “Make Payment” button and wait for confirmation.

Phone Payments

Although Old Navy doesn’t have a contact phone number set up specifically to make payments, you can still pay off the credit card via telephone. To do so, call the company’s customer service hotline at (877) 222-6868 and choose the option to talk with a real person.

Once you are on the line with a customer service representative, let them know that you’re calling to pay the bill of an Old Navy credit card. When asked, give the agent the information he or she requires and your payment will be complete.

Important: You Can’t Pay in Person

Unlike most store-issued credit cards, Old Navy does not allow you to make payments toward their credit card in person. With that in mind, this card should be avoided by those who are uncomfortable making payments online or over the phone. You can make a payment by mail, but the processing time is much longer than online or over the phone. The mailing address is:

old navy mail payment adress

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Company name : Old Navy
Address : 550 Terry Francois St. San Francisco
State: CA
Zip Code : 94158
Phone Number : 1-650-952-4400

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  1. Loren Daede

    I was looking at my recent statement and it shows a payment to PAYPAL*ASSACRAFT. I do have a PayPal account, but I do not recall ever putting this card as the one to use for paying for PayPal. The charge was on 9/19. Could you provide any insight on what this charge is for?


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