NicorGas Bill Pamyent Options

Nicor gas logoServicing a very large portion of Illinois, Nicor Gas is actually the biggest branch of the Nicor line of utilities. Offering natural gas servicing through more than 30 thousand miles of piping, Nicor Gas has millions of customers through the state and is expected to continue growing.

If you need to make a payment on your Nicor Gas bill, you have a number of options available to you, including through the mail, over the phone, in person and online, all of which are explained here.

Pay Over the Phone

To make a payment to Nicor Gas over the phone, dial (866) 261-2988. Before calling, make sure to have your account number available and know the address that’s receiving service. You will also inform them of how much you want to pay and your credit card information.  Take note that you will be charged $3.50 when paying over the phone.

Mail In Your Payment

If you still have your bill stub available, you can pay your Nicor Gas bill through the mail to the address:

Nicor Gas
P.O. Box 5407
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5407

Your check should have your account number written on it and you must include the bill stub in the envelope.

Make an Online Payment

You need to create an account through Nicor Gas to make a payment online. Account creation includes making your login information, which you will use for the steps listed below. To set your account up for online access, click here and fill out the fields shown:

 Nicor Gas Account Creation

The second page of the Nicor Gas new user registration will ask for your account number and other identifying information, so make sure to have it available before beginning.  

  1. Navigate to the Nicor Gas bill pay login page by clicking here
  2. Enter the user ID and password that you chose during the registration process into the fields marked as such. Check the “Remember my User ID” box if you want the site to do so and click the green “Login” button

Nicor Gas Login

  1. Navigate to the bill pay portion of the website
  2. When prompted by the system, enter your payment information as requested and submit your payment after verifying all of your data is correct
  3. Once you receive a confirmation that your payment has gone through successfully, can leave the site at your leisure. However, you may want to consider setting up a recurring or automatic payment to Nicor Gas for future bills

Pay In Person

There are a number of locations that you can go to for in-person payments of your Nicor Gas bill. To find a location in your city to do so, go to their list of available in-person payment locations by clicking here.

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Company name : Nicor, Inc.
Address : P.O. Box 5407 Carol Stream
State: IL
Zip Code : 60197-5407
Phone Number : 1-866-261-2988

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