How to Make a Payment to your PNM Account

pnm logoServing most of the northern part of New Mexico as well as some sections of Texas, PNM is a public utility company that specializes in energy production. The company serves over 400 thousand customers in its large area of operation, and, considering you’re on this page, chances are good that you’re a customer as well.

If you’re here looking for payment options for your PNM electricity bill, there are many options given below. Look for the way that you would like to pay and follow the directions given.

Make a Payment Over the Phone

To make a PNM utility bill by using your phone with an ATM, credit or debit card, dial (888) DIAL-PNM and follow the instructions given by the system. However, be aware that there is a $2.95 fee for making a payment this way.

Make a Payment Online

  1. Go to the PNM “Make a Payment Online” webpage. To navigate there by opening a new window, click this payment link. Click the blue “Get Started” button in the “Free From Checking or Savings” box

pnm splash

  1. Enter your email address and password into the fields provided and, if you want, click the checkbox next to “Remember Email Address” so you don’t have to remember it yourself later on. Click the blue “Log In” button

pnm login

  1. Navigate to the pay bill portion of the PNM website
  2. If you have yet to set up a payment method, do so now by adding your banking information when prompted to do so. To complete the payment, you will be asked to enter the amount you want to pay toward the account as well as when you would like it withdrawn from your bank. Submit the payment after verifying that all of your information is correct
  3. After submitting your payment, you’ll see a screen that tells you whether your payment was successful or not. If it was, you may close out of your browser as your payment is complete


Mail Your Payment In

To mail your utility bill payment to PNM, send a check or money order with your account number written on it to this address:

PNM Adress bill payment

If you do mail your payment in, send it at least five days before the actual due date to ensure that PNM receives it on time.

Make a Payment in Person

PNM offers a number of locations to make payments in person. Simply visit their PNM payment locations locator and enter your zip code into the search field, then click the blue “Find It” button. You will be presented with a number of locations near you.

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Company name : PNM
Address : 414 Silver Ave. SW Albuquerque
State: NM
Zip Code : 87102
Phone Number : 1-877-509-5938
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