How to Pay Your Nationstar Mortgage Bill

Nationstar LogoOne of the more prominent mortgage servicers in the United States, Nationstar Mortgage has millions of customers around the country. With competitive rates and easy-to-use services, most of which are accessible online, the company has set itself up as a standard mortgage company with exceptional customer interactions.

If your mortgage is handled by Nationstar Mortgage, you may make your payment to them by following the instructions listed below. The options discussed for your mortgage payment include mailing instructions and how to make a payment online.

Pay Through the Mail

To make a payment to Nationstar Mortgage through the mail, write your account number on a check or money order and mail it to:

Nationstar Mortgage
Attn: Payment Processing 1010 W. Mockingbird Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75247

If you need to send your payment via overnight mail, the address to send it to is:

Nationstar Mortgage
Attn: Payment Processing 1010 W. Mockingbird Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75247

Make an Online Payment

  1. Go to the website account by clicking the link on the bottom of this page to open the Nationstar Mortgage account management login page in a new window
  2. A popup box will appear, type your username and password into the two boxes and click the red “Sign In” button. If this popup box does not appear, you will see the login fields at the top-right portion of the screen, which you should enter your login credentials into before clicking “Sign In”

Nationstar Login Splash

  1. Navigate to the section of the website for payment management
  2. When and where prompted by the system, enter your payment information into the fields while verifying that everything input is correct. Submit your payment when ready
  3. Your payment is complete (or scheduled) once you see a confirmation that it has gone through. From there, you may close the browser window, navigate away from the site or view additional account information

Register Your Account

It should be said that before you can access your account as instructed above, you must create a Nationstar Mortgage website account. This can be done through the My Nationstar SignUp webpage. While going through the form for signing up, you will be asked for various pieces of information, including your Nationstar loan number and Social Security number before moving on to creating your user name and password to be used for logging in:

Nationstar Account Registration

Once you have entered all of the fields requested by the form and typed out the security code, click the “Continue” button to move on to finishing up your account creation.

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Company name : Nationstar Mortgage
Address : 350 Highland Dr Lewisville
State: TX
Zip Code : 75067
Phone Number : 888-480-2432

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