Alagasco Bill Payment Options

Alabamagas LogoAlagasco a household gas provider which supply the central Alabama and it offers a variety of services to customers ensuring their comfortability. Gas has many uses at home like heating your house during winter, cooking and even drying your clothes. We have three main things which you can employ to curb your gas bill. Your consumption is mainly based on the three things which are the usage, weatherizing your home and the weather. Alagasco offers services which offers uninterrupted supply of your natural gas. Below are those services showing you how you can pay your bills.

How to Pay the Alagasco Bill

Alagasco bill pay offers adverse options when it comes to paying off bills which are easy and convenient to customers. They are mainly through online, mailing, bank draft, paying in person at an authorized paying location or even the Average Monthly Billing (AMB) plan which spreads your gas cost of that year’s consumption. AMB specifications are listed below:

  • The payment is done is calculated each month.
  • To stay on AMB, one must pay the full amount every month.
  • Due to the discontinuation of the AMB, the balance on the account is due at that specific time.
  • Great benefits are awarded if you stay in the play the whole year.

Pay Alagasco Bill online though Myaccount.Alagasco.Com page

When getting an electronic copy of your bill, one needs to open an eBill account then login in order to process your payment.

alagasco login

To register please follow the following screen shot

alagasco register

Visit at: when receiving a hard copy of your bill. Western Union provides the service and charges $3.95 fee for the transaction or payment and your full account number is highly required to make your payment through the Western union.

Alagasco Payment through Mail

With the mail address given below you can send your check or money order together with the payment slip.

Alagasco  Automatic deductions

You need to enroll online with your relevant account to pay your bill with Bank Draft or you can just contact the customer service to help you get started and you need to submit your routine number together with your bank account and this will guarantee you that the bill is paid on due by automatic drafting the entire payment. The Bank Draft is a free service that Alagasco bill pay offers and it sends statements showing your usage of the gas, amount of the bill deducted by the bank.

Pay your Alagasco Bill in Person

 You need to have the bill stub payment to process your payment in the payment agent near you. Use payment center locator to locate an authorized payment agent and if you have any difficulties you can always contact Alagasco bill pay .

Pay through Alagasco Agent

Through the contracted agents one can make payments at any time since they have extended hours to make the payments.

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Company name : Alabama Gas Corp
Address : P.O. Box 2224
State: Birmingham
Zip Code : Al 35246-0022
Phone Number : 1-800-292-4008

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