Manage your PPG Industries Account Online LogoAs one of the world’s foremost suppliers of industrial products – including but not limited to paints and coatings, optical products, certain specific chemicals, glass and fiberglass – PPG Industries earned a whopping $15.1 billion worth of revenue in 2013. Their core strengths in the industrial services market has carried them to being able to bring their unique brand of service to over 70 countries across the globe.

PPG itself had more modest beginnings. It started in 1883 by the entrepreneurial duo of Captain John Ford and John Pitcairn, it began as the Pittsburgh Plate Glass company (of which PPG is the acronym) and used to extend only as far as Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. Since 1883 PPG has seen itself be part and parcel of the world’s on-going industrial and technological revolution. Its glass products have seem themselves be implemented and used in the first automobiles to ever go through the assemblyline as well as fighter jets used in World War 2. Their chemical department came up with a breakthrough chemical that prevents rust and corrosion, making it an ideal component to car manufacturing in the 1960s and beyond. They have even dabbled in the eyecare industry through their development of quality photochromatic lenses since the 1990s. And now, their customers are once again on the cutting-edge by being able to access their accounts online through Account Access procedures through

  • Only authorized PPG remote access users are allowed access to the site. These users first access
  • In case the user only wishes to access his e-mail and not the other features found in his online account, he can do so by following the instructions on the “**NOTE**” section found at the bottom of the page. There is a link there that the customer can click. email link on login page
  • This takes the customer to the e-mail portal where they can type in their credentials (username and password) and access their mail using Outlook Web Access. Accessing their mail online is a safe way to do so since it does not require the user to download additional software onto their computers. outlook web access for email
  • Heading back to, the user can now input his username, password, and domain and then click on the OK button. He is now logged into log in on login page
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Company name : PPG Industries, Inc.
Address : One PPG Place, Pittsburgh
State: Pennsylvania
Zip Code : 15272
Phone Number : (412) 434-3131
Website :

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