How to Make a Military Star Card Payment Online

Military Star CardMilitary Star Cards are credit cards offered through the Exchange stores that are found on most American military bases. With some of the most competitive prices around and no sales tax, the savings available by shopping at these locations is one of the best perks offered to military members and qualified veterans.


The registration process for your Exchange account will also simultaneously create your login information that you will use to pay your Military Star Card bill payment online as well. That being the case, the steps for creating your account includes questions that will be used to verify your military, disabled veteran or retired status, which you will input during the second phase of account creation.

Account Creation

You can complete your account registration by clicking here. The first step begins with you entering the last four of your SSN, your date of birth and your last name before clicking the blue “Validate” button, as shown here:

Military Star Card Register

Once your account is created, you can use the directions in the following section of this guide to log in and a payment on your Military Star Card credit card bill.

Paying Your Account Online

  1. Head to the Military Star Card pay bill online portal, which you can get to by clicking here to have opened in a new window
  2. Click the link at the top of the page that says “SIGN IN”

Military Star Splash

  1. A box will appear in the middle of the screen that says “Welcome Authorized Shoppers,” enter your username or email address into the top box and your password into the second box. Click the blue “Login” button

Military Star Login Popup

  1. Go to the account management section of the website and navigate to bill payment. Choose how much you want to pay and when you’d like it withdrawn. Then, input your payment information when prompted and submit your payment after verifying that what you have typed in is accurate
  2. Once the payment has gone through, you should see a confirmation screen. After that, you can leave the website

Mail-In Your Payment

For those who would like to make a payment on your Militar Star Credit Card, you may do so by sending a check or money order with your account written on it to the following address:

Militar Star Credit Card payment adress

For Assistance Over the Phone

If you run into any kind of issues with your Military Star Credit Card or you have questions concerning your account, there are a couple different numbers that you can contact for help. If you want to get in touch with the Exchange Credit Program, dial (877) 891-STAR. For help with your Military Star Rewards MasterCard Credit Card, call (800) 524-3883. And, to find out more about and redeem the rewards you have earned through your Military Star Rewards MasterCard Credit Card, call (800) 603-2265.

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