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DirecTV LogoWith total revenue amounting to $31.7 billion in 2013 alone, coupled with a service area extending from practically the entire United States all the way to Latin America and the Caribbean, DirecTV is one of the biggest satellite TV providers in the world. It is already considered the largest in the United States. Very few satellite TV providers can boast of having 32 million subscribers as well as the host of industry-leading products and features, and yet DirecTV can make this claim.

The company is known for always being on the cutting edge when it comes to satellite TV. Their fleet of 12 satellites (with 2 more scheduled to be added to the roster later this year) ensures that good satellite reception can always be found. They also have one of the most numerous local and exclusive channels around: 285 channels. 185 of those are considered HD because they broadcast in high definition as well as having theater-quality sound due to Dolby Digital 5.1 integration. Exclusive content only available to DirecTV subscribers include the Audience Network, which is considered a competitive general entertainment channel, and n3D, their channel that broadcasts in 3D. They also have exclusive sports content as well as access to most of the relevant sports channels out there. And finally, they give top priority to customer satisfaction, having won awards on customer satisfaction through the years, and due to the innovative customer service features they’ve introduced through the years. They even allow their customers to make their Directv Bill Payment online.

Directv Bill Payment procedures

  • To start the bill payment process, you first have to go to
  • You are now at the account sign in page. Before you can log in and pay your bill, you first need to create your very own DirecTV online account. This can easily be done, and the first step is to click on either of 2 register links found on this page (below the sign in box and in the middle of the page)
    DIRECTV sign up for an account
  • You have now reached the account creation page. Input your account number or your phone number and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Couple this information with your last name. DirecTV will need this in order to validate your account. Now make sure you follow the rest of the instructions and you’ll have your account correctly created in no time.
    DIRECTV registration page
  • Now that you have created your account, go back to the initial page. Enter your email address and password on the sign in box, and then click on the button labeled SIGN IN TO MY ACCOUNT.
    DIRECTV sign in
  • You are now in your own DirecTV account page. Go ahead and make your Directv Bill Payment

Other online account features aside from Directv Bill Payment

Now that you’ve logged in, you can also do the following aside from simply paying your bills once you’ve registered your account: sign up for paperless billing and have your statements emailed to you rather than snail mailed, access your account information like current balance and previous payments made, and sign up for and enjoy Directv’s mobile app versions.

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Company name : DirectTV
Address : 2230 E Imperial Highway, El Segundo
State: California
Zip Code : 90245
Phone Number : 1-800-531-5000

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