Activate Your Macy’s American Express Credit Card

Macy's American Express Credit CardsAs one of the most trusted department stores in the world, it makes sense that so many people are comfortable with having the company issue full-featured credit cards. In conjunction with American Express, Macy’s offers its customers competitive rates and credit limits to use for everyday shopping as well as earning in-store rewards.

If you have recently received a new Macy’s American Express Credit Card, you can easily activate it through one of the methods discussed below.

How to Activate Your Macy’s Amex Credit Card Online

You can only activate your new Macy’s credit card online if this is not your first one. Additionally, to complete your online activation, you will need both your old and new Macy’s American Express credit cards.

1. Using the link labeled “Website” in the contact box for Macy’s at the bottom of this page, navigate to the Macy’s American Express credit card activation page

2. The page that loads is the one that you want to be on, but you will have to scroll down to get to the form that you need

Macy's American Express Card Activation Splash

3. Once you see the text entry boxes, you are at the forms. Input the account number for your Macy’s Amex card, the last four of your SSN and the four-digit security codes from your old and new Macy’s Amex cards. These codes are printed on the front of the credit cards on the right side of the front of the card. Click the red “Submit” button

Macy's Amex Card Activation Form

4. For security purposes, there is a chance that the website will ask you a few more questions. Each of the prompts is required to complete your credit card activation

5. Once the site informs you that your credit card has been activated, you may use it online at, in stores or anywhere that American Express credit cards are accepted

Activate Your Macy’s American Express Card Over the Phone

If this is your first Macy’s Amex credit card, you will be required to activate it by calling (888) 257-6894. You will also have to use the main phone number associated with your Macy’s account, though, so keep that in mind before making the call.

Activating Your Macy’s Amex Card In a Macy’s Store

If, for whatever reason, you can’t activate your card online of over the phone, you will have to do so in a physical Macy’s location by speaking to a store employee. They will ask you a series of security questions to complete the process. To find a Macy’s near you, visit Macy’s store locator.

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