Manage Your Lowe’s Credit Account Online

Lowe's LogoLowe’s is one of the top home improvement stores in the United States. They have numerous stores around the country and are easily found by usually being located in high-traffic shopping centers. Lowe’s offer practically everything needed to repair or build a home from scratch, and their service and staff are exemplary.

For those with a Lowe’s Visa Rewards credit card, you may have some trouble figuring out their website at first glance, and this guide will walk you through the process.

Logging In to Manage and Pay Your Account

  1. In the small green box at the bottom of this page, click the link labeled “Lowes Visa Credit Card Management”
  2. Click the radio button for the Lowe’s Visa Rewards credit card in the “Returning Users” box and enter your user ID into the text entry field below the card selections. The site will store these for you if you click the check box next to “Remember me.” Click the “Sign In” button

Lowe's Visa Card Login

  1. The next screen will ask you for your password and display your secret security image. If the image does not mat the one you chose during your card activation and account registration, do NOT enter your password. Otherwise, type your password in and continue the login
  2. Once you are logged in to the Lowe’s Visa credit card management dashboard, go to payments
  3. Enter your banking information when requested and select your payment options
  4. Verify everything is correct and submit your payment
  5. Your payment is complete once you receive confirmation from Lowe’s that it has gone through

Activate Your Card and Make an Online Account

Using the same link as the one for step 1 in the instructions above, you can create your online account as well as activate your Lowe’s Visa credit card online. Once at the site, click the radio button under the Lowe’s Visa Rewards credit card in the right side selection of credit cards under “New Users” and click the “Register and Activate” button:

Lowe's Visa Card Activation and Registration

You will then be prompted to enter your account number, which is simply the credit card number printed on the front of your card. Through the rest of activation and registration, you will set up your user ID and password as well as decide security options for your account.

Once you have activated your Lowe’s Visa credit card, you will be able to use it anywhere Visa is accepted and earn rewards towards Lowe’s merchandise and goods.

Customer Assistance for Lowe’s Visa Credit Card

If you encounter any problems with using your Lowe’s Visa credit card or have issues with using the online features, you should call (888) 840-7651 and they will help you directly.

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