Louisville Water Payment Options

LouisevilleWaterLouiseville Water brings water to over 850K customers living within Louseville Metro and areas in Bullitt, Oldham, Spencer, Shelby and Nelson counties. It is a supplier of water safe for drinking to homes, schools and businesses. Louseville Water Company has provided a number of payment options to its customers giving them the convenience of paying their bill through their method of choice. These bill payment options are discussed below.

Online Payment Options
Louisville Water Company uses the third party online payment system BillMatrix to accept customer’s payments. No registration is needed and there’s no mobile optimization. However, using this service will cost you a transaction fee of $2.50 charged by BillMatrix.

  • Visit www.louisvillewater.com customer page using the following url: http://www.louisvilleky.gov/LWC/Customers/
  • Point the mouse at the customers tab and select “online bill pay”. Click on the “Electronic Check, ATM, Debit, or Credit Card” link. This will redirect you to the billmatrix website’s Louisville water payments page.
  • Enter your account number and click on the “continue” button and enter the required information.


FREE Electronic Check

To pay using this method, you will be required to register and log in to your www.louisvillewater.com online account. The payments are posted to the account within five business days.


Automatic deduction:

This payment option allows your bill amount to be automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account. You can also schedule automatic payments by visiting https://iwr-web.lwcky.com/ and log in to your account using your username and password. If you had not registered before, click on the “Register now” link in order to have online access and set up this payment option. You will need to provide your banking information and set a due date for the bill to be paid.

Pay by phone: The number for making your louisvillewater bill payment by phone is 1-866-665-4991. This option has no service fee attached to it, but you’ve to wait for the confirmation number that is given at the end of the call to be able to proof that the payment has been made.

Pay by mail: Customers can send their payments via mail which can be made using money order or check to the address below.

In case of any misunderstanding, contact Louisville Water Company bill payment team at-

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Company name : Louisville Water Company
Address : P.O. Box 32460 Louisville
State: KY
Zip Code : 40232-2460
Phone Number : (502) 583-6610

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