Kansas Gas Service Payment Options

Kansas Gas Service LogoKansas Gas Service is a one of the biggest gas distribution company in the US. It’s a public utility and a division of One Gas Inc. It has been in existence for more than 100 years providing clean and reliable gas to its customers. You can find more about it and about the website servicess at -www.kansasgasservice.com webpage.

Methods to Pay your Kansas Gas Service Bill

Automatic bank draft.

For this option you have to go to your bank and make arrangements that will deduct an amount from either your checking or savings account on a monthly basis. This is convenient as you won’t have to worry whether you have paid your bill or not. You can sign up for Kansas Gas Service automatic bank draft through this link.

kansas gas service accout sign in

Payment by phone

Pay your bill via check, debit or credit card by following the automated voice prompts.

To pay using this option, follow these steps:

  • Call Kansas Gas Service -this is not a human, but an automatic system at 1-800-794-4780.
  • Select your language option
  • Press the following phone keys depending on your selection:

Pay by check – 2,1

Pay by Credit card – 2,2

Pay by Debit card – 2,3

You can also use the phone prompts to perform transactions such as reporting an emergency, stopping a service, enter a meter reading and many more as found on www.kansasgasservice.com.

Kansas Gas Service Payment by credit/debit card

You can pay your bill online by using your credit or debit card. The process is as follows:

  • Enter your card details i.e. name, card number, expiration date and security code.
  • Enter your billing address
  • Confirm the amount you are to pay
  • Authorize payment. This is then done in real time.
  • Keep the confirmation number as proof of payment.
  • This is as shown below


kansas gas service register page

Remember to use a valid credit or debit card. For a list of valid cards visit www.kansasgasservice.com page.

 Pay by mail

Use the address below to mail your checks or money orders.

In case of any misunderstanding please contact Kansas Gas Service bill payment team at- 

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Company name : Kansas Gas Service
Address : P.O. Box 219046 Kansas City
State: MO
Zip Code : 64121-9046
Phone Number : 1-800-794-4780

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