JP Morgan Chase UCARD Center (EBT)

Chase logo JP Morgan Chase is undeniably one of the largest financial corporations of the world with over US$ 3 TR in its assets. JP Morgan chase has recently started providing its user with the service of transferring their benefits from the federal account to the retailer account and also that of managing it online using the simple link: The EBT or Electronic Benefits Transfer provides you a facility to pay the bills for the services and products that you receive.

What is EBT Account?

Since the transformation of benefits payments using the EBT cards instead of checks, JP Morgan Chase is trying to make the payments easier for the government clients. You can simply manage your account using and transfer the funds to your JP Morgan Chase bank account.

These funds will be available on your debit card issued by the bank. You can use this debit card like a regular one for the payment of goods that you buy. There are several ways in which you can pay your bills which includes:

  • Online payments.
  • Point of sales payments.
  • E-checks

How is it done?

You can manage your EBT account and transfer it you JP Morgan and chase account but the first step is the registration.

  1. Visit and click on the Register for UCard Centre. chp (snap)
  2. Enter your card number. chp (snap) - user + password
  3. Read and approve the terms and conditions.
  4. Provide the additional information that is required for verification.
  5. Choose a 4 digit PIN for your card.
  6. Choose a unique username and password that you will use every time you login to manage your account online. Then give an operational Email ID on which you will receive the verification code.
  7. Select three questions and write their answers. These will be asked when you change your password for verification.
  8. Click register. You will see the confirmation page.
  9. Go to your email id and see the verification code that is sent to you. Use it to verify email by providing it on the confirmation page.
  10. Now login to your account, and pay your bill.

After registration you can manage your account easily whenever you want by logging in. For the payment of bills:

  1. Go to the company website.
  2. Enter your card number, expiry date and 3 digit security number at the back of your card.
  3. Go ahead and make the payment.

You can also call the company to make the payment but don’t tell your PIN to anyone.
in case of misunderstanidng, please contact JP Morgan Chase bill payment team at-

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Company name : JP Morgan Chase
Address : 270 Park Avenue, Manhattan.
State: New York
Zip Code : 10031
Phone Number : 1-877-242-7372

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