Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) Electric Pay Bill Online

Jacksonville Electric AuthorityJacksonville Electric Authority, JEA serves to provide electricity utility in Florida and over the United States. Above electricity utility services the company also provides the best sewer and water services among other services.

The Electricity Utility

The company is able to provide electricity over its environs in an area estimate of 49,000 square miles.

Water and sewerage

Jacksonville Electric is committed to provide the best water and sewer systems in the United States.

Bill payments methods


E-billing is an online bill payment. It is one of the cheapest and most efficient way of making Jea bill pay. The customer gets a notification to his or her email about the bill, followed by a link to direct one to pay. Getting an online Jea account is very cheap since it is free and the system is available 24/7. This is done by visiting the company’s website at https://jea.com/Registration.aspx?ReturnUrl=/obp/. Jacksonville Electricalso provides for a platform where one can pay the bills in advance and wait till when the funds runs low.

This How you Make Online Jea Bill Pay.

  1. Sign in into your JEA account at: https://www.jea.com/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=/obp/.
    JEA.com Login snap
  2. Choose to Pay My Bill.
  3. Then choose the Pay by Bank Account option. Here you enter your bank’s routing and account number in order to proceed.
  4. Choose the account you would like to pay with, the amount you intend to pay and the next day of payment as from the available calendar as for advance payment.
  5. An email will be sent to confirm about that payment module and your payment will be made by five pm as per the day chosen. One can cancel the payment module not after 11:00 am on the day of payment.

The services are turned off when has no funds in the account or has not yet made the payments. Though a customer can extend the deadline for making Jea bill pay by logging into the account and make a request for an extension.

Alternative JEA Bill Payment Options

  1. By mail, send your payment details a check or a money order to P.O. Box 45047, Jacksonville, FL 32232-5047.
  2. By Phone, call Call (904) 665-6000 and follow the procedures to give the payment details involved. It charges an extra fee at a rate of $4.95 per $400 transaction.
  3. Walk your way to your nearest Jea locations and make your payment to a cashier or either put your payment details on one of their boxes in the Jea location.
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Company name : Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)
Address : 43 W Church St, Jacksonville, FL 3220
State: Florida
Zip Code : 3220
Phone Number : (904) 665-6000
Website : JEA bill pay

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