JC Penney Credit Card Payment

jc penny logoJC Penney was founded by James Cash Penney in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Since 1902, it has offered shoppers a mid-range department store with some unique items, including hair salons, optical centers, and jewelry repair. Currently headquartered in Plano, Texas, JC Penney has over 1,100 department stores nationwide.

With such credentials, it is not surprising that JC Penney offers their own credit card to customers. Cardholders are given the convenient option of JC Penney credit card payment online.

Bill payment options offered by www.jcpcreditcard.com/JCPenney/occ-pay.html are as follows:

JC Penney Credit Card Payment Bill Pay

  • Clients should first visit www.jcpcreditcard.com/JCPenney/occ-pay.htm
  • On this first screen, the card holder must click on the “click here” in the center of the page to enter the login area.
  • In the login area, users must enter their username and password.
  • On this next screen, the user can see recent credit card activity and go to JC Penney credit card payment options.
  • If not already done so, the user must set up a transfer bank account to take the money from.
  • Once the amount is selected and a date is scheduled, the payment is made.

Other Options Available For JC Penney Credit Card Payment

JC Penney credit card payment bill pay can also be made through the mobile device by accessing JC Penney on any mobile device. Additionally, once users have logged into their JC Penney credit account, they are able to view their history and track their points. These points can be exchanged on the website for a variety of rewards, but main exchange is for money.

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Company name : JCPenney Credit Services
Address : P.O. Box 965009 Orlando
State: FL
Zip Code : 32896
Phone Number : 1-800-527-4403

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