How to Make a JCPenney Credit Card Payment

jcpenney cardsJCPenney is an American department store that focuses mostly on clothing and accessories. However, they also provide fairly extensive selections of furnishings and kitchen goods, making the stores relatively popular wherever they open – and they open a lot. There are over 1,100 JCPenney stores throughout America and they have locations in all 50 states and even a presence in Puerto Rico. But, even with their large selections and simple pricing plan, the brand goes through some wild ups and downs in popularity.

These days, JCPenney has been doing alright after a rebranding that brought forth an idea that highlights low prices without the need for sales. But, that consistency also makes it difficult for the brand to have rushes that can occur when sales happen, so it has been a difficult move to gauge. The company offers a store credit card that customers can make payments on. If you’re a JCPenney credit cardholder, you may use one of the following ways to pay your bill:

Pay JCPenney Credit Card Online

  1. Using your browser, head over to the JCPenney payment page (the link is in the bottom of this page) for your credit card website
  2. Enter your user ID into the field provided and check the “Remember me” box if you’d like their system to do so. Click the red “Secure Login” button

JC Penny login

  1. Once logged in, click the link that says “pay my bill
  2. With the checking account that you would like to pay from, enter your bank account information. Then enter how much you would like to pay toward your JCPenney credit card and choose the date that you’d like the transaction to take place. Submit the payment once you have verified all of your information is correct
  3. Once you receive a payment confirmation screen, you can leave the site if you wish or continue browsing JCPenney’s credit card dashboard

Pay by Mail

For those of you who want to make a payment through the mail, you may do so by sending your payment to this address:

PO Box 960090
Orlando, FL 32896-0090

When sending your payment through the mail, ensure that your JCPenney credit card account number is written on the check or money order somewhere so you can be sure it gets credited to your bill.

Pay in Person

You may visit any JCPenney department store and pay with cash, check or money order. To find a store near you, visit and click the “find a store” link at the top-right portion of the page:

jcp finda store link

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Company name : JCPenney Credit Services
Address : P.O. Box 965009 Orlando
State: FL
Zip Code : 32896
Phone Number : 1-800-527-4403

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