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ista logoIsta Water bill is a processor that is used by water companies so that to speed up the payment process since it has an online portal to process water bill and make payments. It is useful to communities, multi- families unite and also commercial properties.

Ista is a service company installation of meters, meter- reading, consumption-dependent billing and consumption data analysis among other products and services. Ista water serves residential units as well as commercial properties. It is used by water companies to process payment of water bills and its online service can be used to pay bills if they are processed and sent by the Ista Water bill system.

How to Pay Your Ista Water Bill

Ista water bill can be paid in a number of ways, such as online, by phone or by mail. Customers may use credit cards, debit cards or checks to make the payments from their checking or savings accounts.

They have a self-service IVR system customers can easily look up their account information and also make payments using credit cards at a fee. The customer is required to provide some information such as the credit card number, security code, billing address and the amount being paid.

Ista Water Pay Bill Online

online payment saves a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted queuing in banking halls and payment offices. One can visit the website to pay their Ista water bill online. To make the payments online, one has to have their account number with which they will use to login. The number has to be entered exactly as it is including the hyphens.

Pay Ista Water Bill by Phone

customers have the option of calling the customer care office at 1-800-823-1468 to talk to a customer service representative and make their water bill payment.

Pay through Mail

though there is no specific mail address for sending bill payments, customers can send their mail payments to the mailing address included on the statement. The account number should be included on the check. This method will however take more time to reflect on the customer’s account than paying by phone or online because of the delivery and processing time involved. It is therefore not the best method if the due date for the bill is close.

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Company name : Ista water
Address : Grugaplatz 2
State: Germany
Zip Code : 45131
Phone Number : 1-800-823-1468

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