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Goodyear LogoNamed after the man who reinvented rubber, the Goodyear company has grown since 1898 and has become one of the trendsetters of modern day transportation. Goodyear markets a wide range of tire products, mostly for cars, motorbikes, even planes and heavy equipment. They also offer a number of maintenance services such as auto and tire care, oil change, and wheel alignment among others. Today, Goodyear has even added a number of valuable services to their clients, including the Goodyear Credit Card, which provides a fast and convenient option for customers who wish to purchase products and services from Goodyear.

The Goodyear Credit Card is made available to customers in partnership with Citibank.

Goodyear Credit Card Benefits

The Goodyear Credit Card offers numerous benefits for clients such as

  • Rebates
  • Low monthly charges
  • Discounts on certain services
  • Free maintenance services in their auto service shop

Because the credit card is linked with the Citibank group, users also have easy access to cash through Citibank branches nationwide.

Managing your Goodyear Credit Card Payments

You can easily make in store payments by heading to a nearby Citibank branch. If you have an available checking account, you can also link this to make your payments. You can also sign up and login to their online website to gain access to your own account (check out the guide the guide bellow. Through the site, you can easily manage your card, view your recent transactions, and arrange payments. If not, you can also avail of the Pay by Phone service provided by Citibank; however, a Pay by Phone Fee is collected if you choose to use this service.

Goodyear Credit Card Hotline: 1-800-767-0291

Alternatively, you can also arrange payments via mail. The address below is provided for your reference.

Goodyear Credit Card adress payment

Arranging Payments at Goodyear Account Online

Check the steps and guide images below to learn about how to make a payment using Goodyear accountonline page.

  1. To manage your account, navigate to the following address:
    goodyear login snap
  2. Login your account by entering your User ID and Password. goodyear user + password
  3. Then, click on the “Take Me To” drop down menu and choose “Make a Payment.” goodyear makeapayment
  4. Finally, click on the “Sign On” button where you will be redirected to your account.
    Goodyear Sign On
  5. In case you haven’t registered your card yet, click on “Register” to enroll to the online service.

You can also use your Goodyear online accoutn to view your account details, transaction history, or even request for a credit limit increase.

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Company name : The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
Address : 200 Innovation Way Akron
State: Ohio
Zip Code : 44316-0001
Phone Number : 1-800-321-2136

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