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foremost logoA division of Farmers Insurance Group, Foremost Insurance is typically used to cover recreational vehicles like boats, ATVs and motorcycles. They are also a primary provider of insurance coverage for prebuilt houses. The company wasn’t always a part of Farmers, though, as they were originally a group of insurers that got procured by the larger company in early 2000. Since then, their scope has not changed much, they just have a much larger pool to draw from when their customers face a disastrous occurrence.

If you happen to be one of their customers, you are probably on this page looking for help or instructions on how to make your payment to Foremost Insurance. If that is the case, look through our payment options below and find the method that best suits the type of payment that you are most comfortable completing:

Make a Payment Online

  1. With an internet browser, visit the website (link is on the bottom of this page)
  2. You will find yourself on a splash screen (as shown in the image below). Click the “Log In Now” button to continue

foremost in splash

  1. You should now be on a sign in screen. Enter your user ID and your password into the boxes shown on the screen and then click the blue “Log in” button

foremost in login

  1. Navigate to the payment portion of the website and choose whether you’d like to pay the minimum, full or custom amount. Enter your payment information and submit it once you are absolutely certain that the information you have provided is free from errors
  2. A payment confirmation will appear, after which you can browse away from the website or close the window

Make a Payment Over the Phone

For Foremost Insurance Group customers who have a preference in making their payments over a telephone system, there are two phone numbers to dial depending on what  you might have insured through the company. For vehicle insurance, the phone number to call is (888) 888-0080.

On the other hand, if your insurance from Foremost is for anything else, including recreational vehicles, boats, homes and more, you will have to call (800) 532-4221 to make a phone payment.

Make a Payment by Mail

If you plan on making payments to Foremost Insurance Group through the mail, the address to send your payments to is:

Foremost Insurance Group
P.O. Box 0915
Carol Stream, IL 60132-0915


However you choose to pay Foremost Insurance Group for coverage, just make sure that it remains active. Facing a disaster without insurance can be incredibly difficult and should be avoided at all costs.

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Company name : Foremost Insurance Co.
Address : 5600 Beechtree Lane SE Caledonia
State: MI
Zip Code : 49316
Phone Number : 1-800-532-4221

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