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PPG Industries LogoPPG Industries is a leading supplier of industrial products, specifically paints and coatings, glass and fiberglass, optical products and certain chemicals. It is a truly global company with a presence in over 70 countries worldwide. With total net sales of $15.1 billion last 2013, PPG is one of the largest companies of its kind in the entire world.

It has been in the industry for quite some time, being founded in 1883 by Captain John Ford and John Pitcairn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It used to be known as the Pittsburgh Plate Glass company. Through the years PPG has been instrumental in many of the products being rolled out in the industrial, commercial and personal sectors. In the 1920s until the 1940s, PPG’s glass products were found in the earliest automobiles as well as in World War 2 planes. In the 1960s, PPG revolutionizes a new coating process that eliminated rust from cars. In the 1990s, PPG started developing photochromatic lenses for the global eyecare industry. And PPG still remains strong, with their iconic headquarters in Pittsburgh as testament to their success.

Bill Payment Instructions at Ebill.PPG.com

  1. Customers should first access https://ebill.ppg.com/OA_HTML/AppsLocalLogin.jsp
  2. The customer may or may not be at the right place depending on the kind of customer he is. This login page is for customers of PPG architectural coatings (CUSTOMER A). PPG Automotive Refinish, Aerospace, Flat Glass, Fiber Glass and Industrial Coatings customers (CUSTOMER B) click should go to a different page. The link to their e-bill portal is also on that page.
    ebill.ppg.com choose payment option depending on customer type
  3. CUSTOMER A: Logging in is a fairly simple process. The customers input their username and password on the spaces provided. Once they’re done with that they click on the LOGIN button underneath to move on.
    ebill.ppg.com log in on login page
  4. CUSTOMER B: He clicks on the link that takes him to his relevant bill payment portal. On the next page, he keys in his user name and password then clicks on the Login button. He can now move on and pay his account online.
    ebill.ppg.com log in on login page 2

Note about Ebill.P.com Page

All remote users are reminded that unauthorized access is strictly forbidden, and that the computer/network they are logged onto is exclusively PPG’s property.

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Company name : PPG Industries, Inc.
Address : One PPG Place, Pittsburgh
State: Pennsylvania
Zip Code : 15272
Phone Number : (412) 434-3131
Website : ebill.ppg.com

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