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  1. Maryann Peebles

    I still cant pay my bill on line!! customer service said to use different broser than google and should have the websight come up. IT DID NOT. I JUST WANT TO PAY MY BILL ON LINE, HELP ME PLEASE

    1. Carol

      I’m with you, Maryann; I’ve just spent 20 minutes to TRY to pay our contractor card on line! No luck. Worst bill pay site I’ve ever seen!!!!

    2. Mary Pruitt

      I had that same problem. I was using mozilla firefox. I switched to Google Chrome and now I don’t have any problem getting in. Hope this helps.

  2. kay dauphin

    somebody please call me. its not nice to pay for a phone and NOT be able to call you when i need billing help. I’ve been all over and want help and all i get is a machine or the internet. this is not easy questions and i need more than a machine. HELP

  3. Maryann Peebles

    Your pay your bill on line, never came up all it said how you could do it, but never showed the screen where you could pay your valero gas. why is this so hard???? my bill will be due soon and i cant pay it because i cant get on your pay your bill.

    1. Teresa

      I have tried numerous times to pay on line and an not do it. I did not have the bill with me when I was at Peebles, so I also could not pay it there. Frustrated by not being able to take care of the amount I owe. Please help me.

    2. Judy langmead

      I am trying to contact you about a GECapital bill that I show a payment made 11/22 I received an email stating it was due today and showing another on same account due yesterday please help .give me a number to call please

    3. Lisa Knaub

      I am writing you to ask you why you are going to make me pay my Menards Card after I had closed my account and he was allowed to charge on my Menards Credit and I had called you back and filed fraud on my account and you want me to pay this after you allowed him to charge on my card I am not gonna pay this because you allowed this to happen and it is not my responsibility to pay this because I disputed this months ago and you are charging me interest I don’t think and I am going to report this to the Better Business Bearu. Lisa Knaub

  4. Maria Blanco

    I have try to pay my bill by phone all I got is a machine that does not recognized me? Why? I give my credit card number, my social security number and my zip code. I still could get to an operator, not counting the times that I was cut off.
    This is a very bad system for the 20th century. I have try to reach your company to pay my bill for two days. I still have not been able not even trying to register on line. I do not want to pay a late fee!!!

    Please let me know what to do to pay my monthly bill please,
    Thank you,
    Maria Blanco

  5. Bernard Gatti

    Loan # 1218093895 the monthly mortgage statement has been showing an escrow account for the past two months. This passed month shows that the escrow account has paid our property taxes in our behalf we also paid our taxes. We do not have an escrow account established with ASC. Nor have we ever had one. Our mortgage has been in affect for the past 10 years. Please stop this escrow which is in violation of our original mortgage contract.

  6. Noreen McCann

    I didnt pay my bill because my phone doesnt work anymore I bought another phone and had the sim card put into the new one at Walmart .I used to pay with my phone and want to pay on line but it wont let me .my phone # is 847-693-0296

  7. Laurie Erickson

    I am so sick of this company simply because you try to pay you bill onlne and it damn near impossible either straighten out your bill pay or I go some where else It would be easier to get into Fort knox and if you actually paid someone to create this site you paid WAY to much contact me !!! Your automatic system is really crappy too !

  8. Elizabeth Currie

    I can’t get thru on the phone line because I do not have a social insurance number. There is no place to send an e=mail . Macy’s does not cash the cheques I send and continues to increase my bill. What kind of an operation is this? Can someone contact me?

  9. Karen Adams

    Trying to get to a web page so I can set up a auto pay, the office tell me they can’t do it I have to go on line and then I can’t bring up the form, I have been trying now for over 2 hours, WHY CAN’T THE OFFICE DO THIS FOR ME

  10. maggie soto

    I got a text from you that I did some change in my account and I haven’t make any please I need an

    answer soon cause I pay on line.

  11. Dorothy Brunke

    I very heartily object to talk to someone out of this country!! I have been billed a $27.00 late fee for a “late payment”.
    I paid $91.71 new balance on October 16, 2015 through B/A – payment due November 1, 2015. I will pay the WHOLE
    AMOUNT OF $120.64 inasmuch as I cannot find anyone to talk to. But before I shop again I will have to determine
    if and when I will shop at Macy’s maybe with cash or my own credit card.

  12. Jim Krason

    I can’t even get login to set up an account! Why is so difficult to set up and account so I can pay on line! I work for an insurance company and it is NOT this difficult! I can’t even find a phone number where I can talk to someone!

  13. Mary Lu Barth

    I would love to activate my card, but it seems nearly impossible to do. The “866” phone number for activation makes fax noises and no one answers it. The page asks you to join Eservice, but gives NO link or information as to how to do that, or, it asks to click on the “activate and register” button which I cannot find anywhere on the page. What’s up with this? This activation should be quick and hassle free, and instead it is an obstacle. This makes me want to cut up the card today and not even pursue activation.
    Please clarify what the devil you want me to do to activate this, and please DO NOT make it jumping through more hoops!

  14. Lori Lassiter

    I just want to pay my bill without having to view all of this junk mail -adds . It says on the web page go to . That’s what to do is pay my bill. Not go through all of the adds I don’t have time to mess around before I go to work or help kids with homework or cook supper.

  15. lois jason

    I want to pay my Valero bill on line ,Every name But Valero come s up HELP!!!!!!!

    I will make a phone call & do it over the phone .

    Thanking you in advance!

  16. anonomus

    impossible to pay bill, what the fuck ??? happy thanksgiving ass hole customer service is closed how the fuck do you pay bill if u dont want to open a fucking account or use a card on line , get your shit together

  17. Maryanne Bayless

    All I want to do is check my balance and make an extra payment. I have auto payment set up, so I never see my bill. I click on manage your account and nothing happens. I just get the eternal spinning of the icon. this has been going on for a few weeks now. Can’t someone do SOMETHING about this. I buy all my electrical gadgets from Best Buy. If this keeps up, I’ll have to find somewhere to purchase my toys, somewhere where they have a website that WORKS!!!!!!!!!

  18. mark rast

    I am cutting my eddie bauer credit card into little pieces. This is the worlds worst, most difficult, impossible site to
    simply give you money to pay my bill monthly. If you want our money, why in the world would you make it so
    clumsy, impossible to simply pay my bill. I believe your IT people are the worst and your executives are flat ignorant
    of humans. I have never seen such a mess of bill paying in my almost 70 years of life. This problem occurs every month.
    I write down directions and nothing works. I shall henceforth use only those cards of companies that want my money
    without your pain.
    Mark R

  19. Faye Prickett

    I called information to change my billing from one Bank to another. Also , my
    husband passed away almost 2 years ago and would like to have bill in my name. The
    representative said I needed to send death certificate and ID of my self, she would
    send me a form to fill out, That was 12/03/15 and I have not received the form.
    Please help me. I can come to water dept. but I don’t want to.

  20. Jonathan s. gibson lll

    How do I simply as before go to the N.N. Waterworks and get to read my bill. Otherwise I am putting you on notice that I direct that paper billing for the account at 152 Pasture Road, Poquoson, Va 23662 Since I can not get to a site that recognizes the account which now I do not have because I cannot get it. This is one of the worst web sites I have ever experienced. Please remember KISS.

  21. William

    My phone has been out again. The last time it took over a week to get fixed. I’m disabled and need a phone for medical emergencies. A cell phone doesn’t work in my area. I’m totally discussed with your service. The last time you came here it looked like you wrapped trash bag around the wire. A preschooler could have done a better job. I would not recommend your services to anyone. I’m going to send a picture of your repair work to the local newspaper.

  22. rhonda grindele

    Im trying to bring my payments current today but have been unsuccessful online. HELP!
    Thank You,
    Rhonda K Grindele



  24. Claire Katz

    I have tried over the last few to payments to pay on line as I had done in the past. It doesn’t work. You are wasting my time. Your phone assistance line is just as bad. How long should one wait. I waited and waited with no response. Enough is enough. “All your representatives are assisting other callers” what a joke. Your new Citibank connection STINKS!!

  25. charles byrd

    I hope i don’t have the trouble that these other people do paying my bill BUT what i need to know is how to get my wife “Angelia”‘s credit score too because she has the other card? PLEASE REPLY.

  26. dena pettifer

    I have been having trouble trying to get on the red card site to pay my bill. It’s like you do this on purpose so there will be a late charge! What is the problem I can pay all my other bills online at this website. If you can’t pay online you should offer in store payment!!!!!

    Dena Pettifer

  27. sandy

    when i try to register it says my user name and email already exist so then when i try to log in it says my account is not activated so i cant pay my bill.

  28. John Haney

    Every month it is the same thing……spend hours on this putter to pay my bill or on the phone to call…over and over again….next month I will paid this bill off and then get rid of your card unless you can get this right or make it easier……it should be click, click and click, finished….I am so OVER This……Best Buy!
    I do mean it…..I will destroy this card next month!
    OOOo, yes….I used 3 different servers…….

  29. William V Elkins

    I can’t pay my bill online, because my mother’s maiden name is wrong??? So, I paid my bill by phone and was charged $20 more than what my billing statement shows. I am unable to access my account and can’t talk to anyone about it. I am on the verge of canceling my account…

  30. Greg johnson

    I have tried to pay my bill online the last two months and it never works right. I incurred late fees last month and will again if this is not fixed by your company. The sites never work, and it makes the payments late. I will be keeping this for my record of an attempt to correct this situation and to fight the fees I am experiencing. I will be reporting this to BBB if not satisfied with actions.

  31. Rosario Santana

    I have been trying register but the only respond is that my user name and e-mail already exist, i never registered here.

  32. art decaro

    if your co. wants to be “green”…make the payment page more efficient . it takes 5 pages to print out a confirmation of payment.address this to your boss….it is a win win for everybody in this “green era”.

  33. Betty Hare

    Trying to register to pay my billiards card on line. It says my e-mail is already used. I don’t understand how this could be possible.

  34. James Shanks

    I can’t get into my online account to pay my bill. I talked to a sears person, but they couldn’t help. What is the problem there. Do I have to close my account and go with Bank America, I have no problem getting on line with them to pay my bill.

  35. Liane S. Applebee

    I have the same problem as “Maryann Peebles” Called Target about 5 times over the last 3 months. Each time they offer help and it never pans out, or they hang up on me, but they were there to charge me Late Fees on top of Late Fees and make me plan out an extra payment system. I also paid over the phone at least twice. I am not sure it has come through, my bank does not reflect any payment. I called them again and this time they proposed that their techs would work on the site and, I was not able to bring up the Account/payment page….. HELP!!!, Do something or I’ll find a working Manager to help all of us.

  36. Josephine Carey

    If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Your new system for paying your bill online is horrible. Please go back to the old system which was very easy. Now, how do I pay my bill?

  37. MaryCapaldo

    I’ve never been to this site before but was directed her to check the ‘points’ I’ve earned thru my credit card. Please assist

  38. Martha Haley

    I received a letter about a late payment this payment goes through my bank, I sent it to be paid on the third of Feb. because that is when it comes to the bank. When did you post it? I paid 75.00 dollars and want to make Marchs payment tonight. So I will proceed to do that now . Can someone help me with this matter now?

  39. todd pettit

    trying to pay my care credit bill online. trying to either pay on line or be able to talk to someone. would very much like a person to talk too

  40. Bernice Taylor

    My bill is due, I have 3 account numbers:
    These are numbers on my paper bills, but you have no records of the numbers, yet I am getting calls about my bill being overdue. I have a landline and not FIOS or wireless. Is there a way to get information about a landline? My internet connection is locked. PLEASE HELP

  41. linda bond-bjork

    Why can’t I pay my bill online? Every month for the last 4 months my bill has been late and I end up having to go to the store to pay it. I tried everything and even creating another profile but it tells me you don’t have the same information. I can never get anyone on the phone either but I am getting late fees from you

  42. Claudine Amirian

    I wanted to pay my bill and see transaction history but could not. please call me at 5164820116

  43. Albert Unetic

    I’ve been trying to pay my Car loan for half an hour and can’t penetrate your damn website – this is stupid

  44. Pat M Alden Glaser

    On the latest bill there is a charge for HBO, STARZ, showtime, and cinemax. Nobody here ordered them, and I’ve never seen them, although I think they were free for 3 months. I suggest dropping them from the bill. Otherwise, I’ll consider dropping DirectTV altogether.

  45. Gerald Stovall

    I want this account closed right now!! This company wants to steal money by accepting my payment in full and then after receiving it adding $28 in (fees) and calling the account past due. You not going to get away with that. I have cut the card up and will no longer buy any store products or shop online or use the credit card. Happy now that you have lost another revenue stream? You genius’ think you are going to survive as a business by doing this kind of crap. I don’t think so. Close my account now!

  46. Samantha Holmes

    I have been trying to set up an account online to set up my autopay and it keeps telling me my email address is not valid. Is there a work around for this?

    I just set up my service and to avoid paying the safety deposit I have to set up autopay.

  47. Arthur Bartol

    I have received 2 notices for payment for something I never ordered or received. Now I/ve received a delinquency notice and don’t know what to do. Please help!

  48. Deabenderfer

    I cannot find the subject of a question regarding the credit card registered and a location to change the card #

  49. Kurt

    I’m trying to register my card so i can pay my bill online!!!!! why is it so hard to do????? Could someone tell me what the secret is to accomplish this. I enter all the needed info , hit verify, and it goes back to the same screen again!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. monique forsgren

    Hi I ant to pay what i owe but i don’t know the number to call. please send me a number so i can call
    and pay my payment.

  51. Elizabeth Guth

    I have been trying for a week to see my current bill. Statement shows I still owe my March payment. My bank statement shows that check was posted on March 28. Wish I had never gotten a Marcys card.

  52. Dolores Gerth

    Under this “activate” our credit card, it stated to follow instruction to “actovate” your card is spelled wrong. You need to correct it. Someone should proof-read your web site as it makes me think it is not a valid site.

  53. Glenn Allan McIntyre

    I would like to change the address associated with my account. I can not find a way to do this even thought I am told there is such a site.

  54. sherrie sessions

    I just want to set up my account to pay my CapitalOne Menards account. Way to difficult to get this done. Someone needs to simplify this. Please let me know how to do this quickly……

  55. Douglas Park

    I received a letter from Labcorp on 2/21/2016 saying that Medicare denied payment for services because your records did not match my Medicare file.This was for a test done on 1/14/2016 at Dr Chang’s office in Chandler,AZ. I contacted Medicare on this day and it seems you had misspelled my name on your claim,which is surprising as a copy of my Medicare card was taken before my lab test was given. Since then I have had two bills sent to me from your company on 4/07/2016 and 4/16/2016 for payment. My medicare records state that this bill was paid on 1/19/2016 and it details the type of test involved,and that I am not responsible for any additional charges on this claim.
    I spoke with your billing dept. this morning to review this,and asked if your company had refiled the claim with Medicare since you sent my first bill which was denied because you did not have my name correct. They had not rebilled Medicare but did so today.
    I would appreciate your company to check all your filings for my bills before recontacting me and wasting my time because of your innefficencies.This has cost me an inordinate of wasted time ,particularly since my Medicare records show you were paid on1/19 2016 and I am not responsible for further charges on this bill.
    I have been using a competitor of yours for Lab tests for many years and never had the hassle that your company has given me with one test,and I do not plan to test again at your Lab in the future.

  56. Sa Brina Littizs

    I have bee trying to top up for about 4 hours now have held on for cust service for about a total of 90 min for you guys to tell me your system is down and that I Just have to WAIT I need my phone for my Job I have been STUCK in a VEGAS AIRPORT since FRIDAY the 29th no phone and now u tell me I have to wait SOMEMORE my cell is I have the top up card

  57. Deborah A. Garcia

    I just made a phone payment, which by the way paid in full my acct. balance. I tried THREE times to write down my
    confirmation number and the lady is speaking SO FAST and it is SO LONG that I couldn’t write down the complete number.
    I WANT this confirmation # in case of any problems. My acct.#…My name is Deborah A. Garcia. I got
    conf. #,,,the rest of the number I don’t have. You NEED to alert whoever that the person MUST speak slower and more clearly. I am sure that I am NOT the only person complaining about this part of your automated system. I would
    appreciate an email ASAP. Also I have trying to connect with someone regarding a credit increase, I only have a $100.00
    credit limit, which I don’t understand because I am a good customer.

  58. Joy Beck

    This is the worst mess I’ve ever seen for a bill pay service – I don’t even think it’s a secure siet. Nowhere does it specify you want to pay a TruGreen bill.
    Catch up with the times – I refuse to use a site like this….

  59. Earl Spears

    Can I pay my Valero Gas Card with a Walmart Money Card, Mastercard Debit card, the card is issued by Green Dot Bank.
    Some help, other than Val, would be great !!!

  60. Nancy J. Duncan

    I was chatting with Patrick. The sports channels would not come on, but he told me to unplug and it would reset. It did and now everything is working great. Thank you for you immediate help,

  61. maurene varsolona

    your site is difficult to get on sometimes yes and sometimes no this is very difficult

  62. Ronald Hirth

    how much do I owe you. where do I send the money or through a credit card> contacted you days ago no reply. I have never used the red card yet. Ronald Hirth Vietnam Veteran

  63. Diane Martin

    My bill due on 6-7-16 says you did not get a payment from me on 5-7-16. I did not get a bill, therefore I did not send a payment. I also received an e-mail that says I canceled a payment, which I did not do or mean to do. When I got my bill on 5-23-16, I did make a payment of $65, which has not shown up yet. I don’t believe I should be charged for the may past due charge, because something obviously went wrong. I also did not mean to cancel my auto pay. Please help me fix this.

  64. Clement A. Rose

    I did attempt to set up an Auto Pay account. I provided my bank account and routing numbers. And was thanked for doing so. But, the very next month, I received a reminder to pay my monthly lease amount. I don’t know what else to do. Clement Rose

  65. john prima

    I have tried to contact you by phone……my auto coverage ended today and I will be leaving so do not reinstate.
    john prima


    I have a credit card an account and I lost my credit card please can you send me an other thanks

  67. Ben

    why is it so difficult to Pay your Walmart Credit card Bill online…..Geez!!! this is the worst!!…Cmon Walmart do something about your site…..Always have an issue with the PAY BILL section Opening…..

  68. dianne gipson

    I have tried and tried to get online but they refuse my credit card numder. I am not paying a late fee for a mistake you all made

  69. Veronica Simpson

    Why am I not able to make a call? Last month I tried paying my bill several times and it would not accept it. Finally an hour later my phone service was on and on my bank statement showed that Cricket accessed my account (2) times back to back for two payments on my bank account. Now my phone is off again and I can’t contact anyone.

  70. joseph dejohn

    I want to set up a pay bill on line for but your procedures are very difficult . can you give me a simple way to set up a account so I can pay my bill on the internet

  71. Catherine Bonner

    Hi your calling me as of Today . Am not interested in upping my ACCT . SENT PAYMENT IN THE 26TH AUGUST SHOULD BE PAId by now STOP CALLING ASAP TODAY

  72. norma smith

    I recently renewed (9/10/16) a 2 yr agreement and the agent specialist was to e-mail me the details of the agreement i.e., monthly amt. (in detail) and state the monthly amt. would remain the same throughout the length of contract plus (start & finish date (mo/yr), This was my verbal agreement with your agent, I’ve not received this contract via e-mail. I need this information to continue our business deal.

  73. jackie

    Please call me. We can not get ahold of Dish about our bill. Is this company for real? I am so upset . My husband has been trying to get a real person to talk to on the phone.

  74. Mumtaz Naseem

    Why not easy and simple way on line payments everybody find easy. Computer tech. Make it easy I know you’re safeing your job every month you change it

  75. john kelly

    I’ve been trying to pay my bill for several days and can’t get any help. The phone number given will not take me to a live operator. This is ridiculous. Please respond soon

  76. Gish

    Tried to pay online but the online policy was BLOCKED. So I guess I will just pay through snail mail. Policy was due tomorrow on the 28th. So it will be post marked on the 28th even though it will arrive in few days.

  77. R Garvey

    I would like to set up my current monthly payment (made by personal check) to an automatic withdrawal from my bank account. Will someone instruct me what is needed to accomplish this. Thank you.
    R Garvey


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