Pay your Talbots Credit Card Bill through Comenity

Talbots Credit CardFeaturing many women’s clothing styles and fashion accessories like shoes and handbags, Talbots is a mid- to high-priced shop that has earned a lot of popularity as a location to purchase clothing for both casual and business situations. While their more popular items are their sweaters, they also have a number of other styles that enjoy good sales numbers as well.

If you have a Talbots credit card issues by Comenity Bank, you can make a payment by following the instructions here.

Make an Online Payment

Registration: Making an online payment will require that you have an account created for your Talbots credit card through their managing financial institution Comenity Bank. Click here to get to the Comenity Bank Talbots credit card sign up page. Once there, if you have your card available, click the button that says “Yes” under the question asking if you have the account number and fill out the information as requested. All fields are required to proceed.

 Talbots Credit Card Online Management Registration

If you do not have your credit card account number available, simply select “No” and answer the set of prompts that come up. During registration, you will also create the log in credentials needed to complete the online payments described in the steps here:

  1. Go to the Talbots store credit card payment portal hosted by Comenity Bank – you can get there by clicking the link found in the green box at the bottom of this page
  2. Enter your user name and password into the boxes on the left side of the screen and click the red “Sign In” button. If you want Comenity to save your login, click “Remember me” found under the login credential entry boxes

Talbots Credit Card Sign In

  1. Navigate to the Account Center and go to make a payment
  2. When asked by the site to enter your payment information and options, you will have to fill out all fields before submitting your payment. You should also verify that all of your payment details are correct then finalize your payment
  3. You will receive verification for your payment once it has been successfully submitted to Comenity for your Talbots credit card

Make an In-Store Payment

If you would like to forgo making online payments and pay your Talbots store credit card bill in person, you may do so at any Talbots retail location. To find the one closest to you, visit Talbots store locator page and enter your zip code or city and state then click the red “Find” button.

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Company name : Talbots
Address : One Talbots Drive Hingham
State: MA
Zip Code : 02043
Phone Number : 1800.825.2687

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