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Loft LogoLOFT, originally known as Ann Taylor LOFT, is one of the 4 divisions of Ann Taylor (Ann Inc.), a nationwide chain of clothing stores for women. Ann Taylor operates a total number of 981 stores as of 2012, including 510 LOFT and 92 LOFT Outlet stores. They also sell their clothes online through and Originally catering to the affluent crowd through its flagship Ann Taylor stores, Ann Taylor has diversified through the years and now markets its range of dresses, shoes, classic styled suits and accessories to different markets.

The LOFT division was established in 1996 in order to offer more casual and relaxed clothing options, both for work and home, as compared to the original Ann Taylor brand. Its wares are still marketed to women of a higher income background than most. Through the years it has developed its own style that caters more and more to a young, hip and trendy audience. It has also partnered with Comenity bank to offer its LOFT card to its customers. The card’s main feature is its 15% off of purchases done at any of the LOFT and Ann Taylor stores. In addition to that, cardholders also earn points which they can claim for rewards.

Bill Payment Procedures through the LOFT Card

  1. The customer should first visit loft
  2. To be able to sign in customers should first sign up for an online account. They do this by clicking on the SIGN UP button. loft sign up
  3. On the registration page, the customer should enter their LOFT card account number. In case they don’t have their account number on hand, they can enter their Social security number, name, date of birth, and zip code in lieu of this. After everything gets verified, they create their own access credentials and can choose to enroll in paperless billing as well.
  4. After they’ve registered, the customer can now return to the original sign in page. On the lefthand side of the page is the sign in box. The customer inputs his user name and password, then clicks on the SIGN IN button. loft log in
  5. Once inside the customer can now pay his bill online.

Other Online Features of the comenity LOFT card

Aside from paying their bill online, with loft card, customers can also use their online account to view and print their billing statements and update their account information. Visiting your account page on your mobile phone? LOFT has you covered! You can choose to visit their fully-functional mobile site instead. The link is found at the bottom-left corner of the main page.

More Loft Card Payment Options

The Love Loft Credit Card is made available in partnership with Comenity Bank, so payments for Loft Cards will involve Comenity Bank one way or another. Clients can choose any from the following payment options for easier bill settlement.

Mail payments are currently accepted by Comenity through the address published below. Alternatively, customers can also place a call to 1-866-907-5612 for easier bill payment. Checks are accepted for payment, provided that these are linked to any bank based in the United States.

Comenity loft adress payment

If customers happen to visit a LOFT store, they can also save time by paying including their bill payments while making a purchase. Finally, customers can pay using the Comenity Loft Card  Portal. Clients can simply follow the steps noted below to process their payments.

For more questions on how to pay through Comenity LOFT Card portal, users can visit this Loft card FAQ or contact the Loft bill payment team at-

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