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Citibank Prepaid CardCitibank is one of the largest financial institutions in the world and often deal with billion dollar accounts. On the other hand, they could not have gotten to that position without a little bit of help from the “little guys,” right? That being the case, they offer a Citibank prepaid card to give those who can’t get a card otherwise the chance to shop with the ease of debit as so many people already enjoy.

If you have a Citibank prepaid card and would like to manage your account and view its balance, you can do so as instructed below.

Check Your Balance and View Transactions Without Logging In

  1. Have your Citibank prepaid card available to pull information from
  2. Click the link in the “Website” row in the green contact box at the bottom of this page
  3. When the Citi Prepaid Services site loads, click the link under “In a hurry?” that says “Click here to view your balance and transactions”

Citi Prepaid Quick Check Link

  1. Input your card number and security code into the boxes that appeared when you clicked the previous link. The security code can be found on the back of your credit card and is printed on the right side of the signature box. Click the blue “Continue” button after filling out these fields

Citi Prepaid Quick Check

  1. The site will now allow you to check your current card balance and your transaction history. However, you will not be able to do anything else with your card using this method

Register for an Account

For much more control than the quick access discussed above, you will need to register your Citibank prepaid card. To do so, click here and fill out the on-screen prompts. You will need your card with you to start and complete the process, so ensure that it is available before beginning.

Citi Prepaid Card Registration

During your account registration, you will go through security options, create log in credentials and verify agreements. After this, you may log in and manage your account as discussed in the next section.

Log In to Manage Your Citi Prepaid Account

  1. Use the link in the green contact box at the bottom of this page to pull up the Citi Prepaid Services portal
  2. Input your user name and password, which you would have created during the card registration, into the boxes marked as such and click the Log In Button

Citi Prepaid Login

  1. You should now be in account management. If not, check that your user name and password were input correctly and try again
  2. Once in the site, you will be able to add funds to your account, view your transaction history and more
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