Use Chase Online to Pay Your Bills

Chase LogoChase Bank offers online bill payment to be made through many different bill recipients, however, you will have to go through this process to set them up and pay them. While it might take a few minutes to get each of your bills input into the system, the time saved in the long run can be well worth it.


To get started, ensure you have an account created by following the directions in the section “Chase Online Enrollment” then go on to the following section to get your bills entered and paid through Chase Online Bill Pay.

Chase Online Enrollment

To be able to access bill payment through Chase online, you will first have to be able to log into Chase’s online banking dashboard. If you are not sure how to access Chase online enrollment page, you can click here to go there.

With the registration page loaded up, you will need to enter various bits of your information asked for by the website. This will include something to identify your Chase account (checking or savings number or debit or credit card number) and your Social Security number. After that, you will choose your user ID then click “Next” to go on through the rest of account registration:

Chase Online Banking Registration

Logging In, Adding Bills and Making Payments

  1. Using the link in the green company box at the bottom of this page, navigate to the Chase bill payment webpage
  2. Click the link on the bottom right side of the page that says “Log In or Enroll”

Chase Bill Pay Landing

  1. Enter your User ID and Password into the boxes provided and click the button that says “Log In to Accounts” – Note: if you want the site to keep you logged in, click the checkbox that says “Remember Me” before clicking the login button

Chase Login

  1. Hover you mouse pointer over the “Payments & Transfers” tab, then hover it over the “Pay Bills” selection. Click “Add a Payee”
  2. Enter all of the requested information and click “Next” – if your search does not come up with any results, go to the Enter Payee Information tab and enter all of the information needed by Chase for you to add your payee
  3. You will now see a verification page that asks you to check the information entered. If it is accurate, click the green “Add a Payee” button
  4. The site will show you a confirmation screen that says you have added the payee correctly
  5. With the bill recipient added, hover your mouse over the “Payments & Transfers” tab and then hover it over “Pay Bill.” On the submenu, click “Pay Bills”
  6. Click the empty amount box next to the payment that you want to make and some dropdown choices will appear
  7. Enter your desired options into the fields shown and select what account to make the payment from, then click “Verify Payments” at the bottom of your list of payees
  8. On the following screen, make sure all of the information is accurate and click “Schedule Payment”

If you need any help regarding your Chase online bill payment, you can use this great Chase online bill payment guide or watch this Chase bill payment video guideContact Chase bill payment team for any assistance at-


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