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Ista Water Bill Options

ista logoIsta Water bill is a processor that is used by water companies so that to speed up the payment process since it has an online portal to process water bill and make payments. It is useful to communities, multi- families unite and also commercial properties.

Ista is a service company installation of meters, meter- reading, consumption-dependent billing and consumption data analysis among other products and services. Ista water serves residential units as well as commercial properties. It is used by water companies to process payment of water bills and its online service can be used to pay bills if they are processed and sent by the Ista Water bill system.

How to Pay Your Ista Water Bill

Ista water bill can be paid in a number of ways, such as online, by phone or by mail. Customers may use credit cards, debit cards or checks to make the payments from their checking or savings accounts.

They have a self-service IVR system customers can easily look up their account information and also make payments using credit cards at a fee. The customer is required to provide some information such as the credit card number, security code, billing address and the amount being paid.

Ista Water Pay Bill Online

online payment saves a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted queuing in banking halls and payment offices. One can visit the website to pay their Ista water bill online. To make the payments online, one has to have their account number with which they will use to login. The number has to be entered exactly as it is including the hyphens.

Pay Ista Water Bill by Phone

customers have the option of calling the customer care office at 1-800-823-1468 to talk to a customer service representative and make their water bill payment.

Pay through Mail

though there is no specific mail address for sending bill payments, customers can send their mail payments to the mailing address included on the statement. The account number should be included on the check. This method will however take more time to reflect on the customer’s account than paying by phone or online because of the delivery and processing time involved. It is therefore not the best method if the due date for the bill is close.

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Company name : Ista water
Address : Grugaplatz 2
State: Germany
Zip Code : 45131
Phone Number : 1-800-823-1468

City of Killeen Water Payment Options

city of killeen water logoCity of Killeen is located in Bell County, Texas and has a population of over 127,921ased on the 2010 US Census, making it one of the most populous cities in Texas. Been directly adjacent to the cantonment of Fort Hood its economy depends heavily on the post and soldiers stationed there. A apart from that, Killen has a Water and a sewer department that is tasked at providing maintenance and operation services for the utilities. With over 50 employees in this department, they make sure that all services are given to the residence without any hindrances. For that reason, the services rendered need to be paid for to enhance a smooth running of the department, on which the resident is billed monthly.

Paying Killeen Bill

There are multiple options available to pay for your bills through credit cards, debit cards, personal checks, electronic checks, money orders and cash.

City of Killeen Water Bill Payment Online Option

Through this portal one is able to make the City of Killeen water bill payment at the convenience of their home without worry about the time they are doing the transaction. The only thing to take note is that, any payments that are processed after 4:30 p.m. is being credited to the system the following business day so the customers need to be careful to avoid paying late on the due date. This is because they have clearly stated that they are not liable for any fees related to payment mistakes, such as duplicate payments or overpayment. They charge a $2 fee for online transactions.

Paying person Option

This involves making the City of Killeen water bill payment at the Utility Collections Department, which they also accept.

Paying City of Killeen Water Bill by phone

City of Killeen water bill payment is processed through 1-254-501-7835. All you have to have is your account details and the credit or debit card that you intend to use for the payment. If you need to reconnect after making the payment contact 1-254-501-7800 and dial option 2 to get to the reconnect department.

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Company name : City of Killeen, Texas
Address : Utility Collections Department 210 West Avenue C Killeen
State: Texas
Zip Code : 76541
Phone Number : 254-501-7800

Golden State Water Company Payment Options

GSwater LogoGolden State Water Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American States Water Company. The company is a public water utility in California, duly regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the California Department of Public Health and the Public Utilities Commission. The company has been around for more than 80 years, and they pride themselves on their professionalism in delivering quality water and excellent service to their customers in 75 communities across the state.

In keeping with their mandate of providing excellent service, the company has a number of Pay options for their customers to choose from, enumerated on

Pay Your Bill with Www.GSwater.Com/Payment-Options Page

  • To see the payment options available to them, customers can visit payment-options snap
  • GSWater customers can choose to pay in-person through their local Western Union shop, or directly to GSWater offices, depending on where they are.
  • They can also choose to pay by phone via Western Union speedpay. The number to call is 1-866-508-9314. They will have to pay a service fee of $2.00.
  • Customers can also pay via mail by sending their check to PO Box 9016, San Dimas, CA 91773-9016.
  • And lastly, GSWater Bill Pay can also be done through electronic fund transfer or auto payment.
  • If they want to pay via the automatic payment feature, they ahve fill up the auto pay form, which can be found here
  • If they want to pay via electronic fund transfer, customers should go here. From the checkfree site customers can sign up, select American States Water Company as the biller, and pay their bills online.

In case of any confusion contact GSwater payment team at-

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Company name : Golden State Water Company
Address : 630 E. Foothill Boulevard, San Dimas
State: California
Zip Code : 91773
Phone Number : 1-800-999-4033

El Paso Water Utilities Payment

El paso water utilities LogoEl Paso Water Utilities is the largest provider of water as well as wastewater services in the greater El Paso region. The El Paso Water Utilities is managed by the Public Services Board, a seven member Board of Trustees that oversees and controls El Paso Water Utilities, its systems, its expenses and revenues. The current President and Chief Executive Officer or El Paso Water Utilities is John Balliew.

El Paso Water Utilities Bill Matrix is the online bill payment system for El Paso Water Utilities customers. This is one of the payment avenues available to existing Water Utilities customers. Through El Paso Water Utilities Bill Matrix, customers are not required to enroll and are able to control how much they want to pay.

El Paso Water Utilities Bill Matrix

  • Clients should first visit service ach_payments.html (snap)
  • If the client is paying via credit or debit card, make sure the following information is on hand: EPWU account number, service address zip code, amount the client wishes to pay, the credit or debit card’s expiration date, zip code and security code.
  • If the client is paying via check, make sure the following information is on hand: EPWU account number, service address zip code, amount the client wishes to pay, routing number and checking account number, pen and paper to record confirmation code.
  • Client clicks on the PAY NOW button. service ach_payments.html - pay now button (snap)
  • Client is now directed to (snap)
  • The client inputs his El Paso Water Utilities account number and service address zip code and clicks on the CONTINUE button.
    account number + zip code + CONTINUE button
  • From there, the client can now proceed to pay his bill. Take note that a $2.50 service fee is charged per transaction.

Pay El Paso Water Utilities throgh or by Phone / Mail

Aside from paying online via El Paso Water Utilities Bill Matrix, EPWU customers can also pay electronically through their e-Bill service – (snap)

Just go to and enroll or sign in and pay your bill.

You can also pay by phone or through mail.

The relevant contact information for these are included below.

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Company name : El Paso Water Utilities
Address : 1154 Hawkins Boulevard, El Paso
State: Texas
Zip Code : 79961-0511
Phone Number : 915-594-5500

Town of Holly Springs Payment Options

town of holly springs water logoThe town of Holly Springs is located in Wake County, North Carolina and has a population of over 24,661 according to the 2010 census, which is 2½ times the population in 2000. The town started to grow after it built its first sewage plant in 1987. From 1992 owing to a spillover of population from Cary and Apex, the town started to expand and there was the need for the town to start offering water and sewer services. As the world moves to technology, so is the Town of Holly Springs that has introduced water and sewer bill service that can be paid online. Customers of town of holly springs bill pay can access the payment portal and pay their bills online. For new residence, they need not worry all they have to do is download the utility application form and after filling the details they can send it via fax number 919-557-7407 or their postal address listed below.

How to Pay your Town of Holly Springs Bill

There are different options to pay the town of holly springs bill pay.

Check Your Electronic Utility Bill

  1. Signing up so that to receive electronic bill which can be found through  (snap).
  2. After which one should Log in using the account details. login link
  3. Now choose the e-bill selection to sign up.

Then, Town of Holly Springs  Payment Can Be Done through

  1. Through mailing your payment this can be in form of a check or a money order.
  2. Pay online through the website
  3. Paying in person, that can be done by visiting their finance offices situated first floor of the Town Hall. Payments are accepted inform of Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, cash, money order and checks.
  4. Another option is through the phone and issuing your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover that service is available when you call (919)557-2923
  5. the other option of town of holly springs bill pay is automatically filling out an automatic debit form then fax it to their Finance Department on: 1-919-557-7407 and your payment will be deducted every month from your bank account.

For any confusion contact Town of Holly Springs bill payment team at-

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Company name : Town of Holly Springs
Address : 128 S Main St
State: Holly Springs
Zip Code : NC 27540
Phone Number : (919) 557-3920 or (919) 557-3922

Newport News Waterworks Bill Payment Online

newport news waterworks bill payNewport News Waterworks is a regional water provider serving the area of Newport News, Poquoson, Hampton, as well as parts of James City and York Counties. It is wholly owned and operated by the city of Newport News.

Newport News Waterworks makes it easy for you to pay your bills. They provide a number of bills payment options to make it convenient for their customers to settle their accounts: they have walk-in payment locations that accept credit or debit card payments, a Direct Debit Program that bills you automatically, even a budget billing option that allows you to even out your payments across the year. And lastly, they have an efficient online payment system, the Newport News Waterworks bill pay.

Newport News Waterworks Bill Pay

  1. Client should first visit waterworks services paywaterbill (snap)
  2. Read the Privacy Statement and click on “Continue”. waterworks services paywaterbill Continue link
  3. On the next page, the client is given the option to Register if he/she does not have an account yet. The client needs to provide his Newport News Waterworks account number, preferred User ID, name, address, etc. After confirmation, Newport News Waterworks will send the client his/her password. bdisu publicf rameset_top_html.jsp (snap)
  4. The client logs in using his User ID and password. bdisu publicf rameset_top_html.jsp (snap) user and pass
  5. Once logged in, the client can now choose from a variety of online payment options to pay his/her waterworks bill: pay by credit/debit card, enroll in the Direct Debit Program that automatically pays bills directly from his/her bank account, avail of the Budget Billing Option to spread payments across the year, or even pay by check online using the client’s checking account.

Other Available Newport News Waterworks Payment Options

Aside from Newport News Waterworks bill pay options, once online you can access your personal waterworks account in order to view your bill, check your current balance, or even confirm your payment history. You can even sign up for Newport News Waterworks’ paperless billing option or eBill.

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Company name : Newport News Waterworks
Address : 700 Town Center Drive, Newport News
State: Virginia
Zip Code : 23606
Phone Number : (757) 926-1000

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Payment

ECUA logoECUA was established in 1981 to cater for the wastewater systems of the city of Pensacola, Fla and the county of Escambia, whom they have offered sanitation services from 1992. The agency is a non-taxing, nonprofit that offers services such as yard trash collection and solid waste to the county residents in an aim at giving back to the community. They are also taxed with maintaining a number of wastewater treatment plants, online payment system known as ecua bill pay and night deposit boxes in addition to publishing a monthly newsletter. ECUA headquarters is situated in Pensacola, Fla.

Paying Your ECUA bill

There are several easy, convenient and quick ways to pay your bills. Apart from the usual method of payment that accepts cash, checks, credit and debit cards, money orders and electronic checks like Mail to an ECUA Office and Night Deposit Box. One can use online payment methods such as On-line or Phone or through the Pre-Authorized Checking Program that is connected to the ECUA’s Click2Gov Server.

Paying through Pre-Authorized Checking Program

ECUA bill pay page (snap)

This system, called Ecua bill pay enables one to automatically transfer funds from your bank account to pay your bill. All one needs is a duly filled authorization agreement that is available online for download, and then your account will be setup so that one can pay online.

How to Access and Register an Account with Click2Gov

Click on ECUA’s Click2Gov server:

  1. Register your account with all your required details such as the account number, the billing cycle and also the route for your account that can be found in the ECUA statement, an email address is also very important.
  2. From the main menu, choose to create a PIN option
  3. Enter your account number as it appears on the statement.
  4. Verify your PIN and email, after which you will be required to activate your online account from your email.
  5. From that portal the customers can pay their bill and even if they have multiple accounts they can consolidate them into one account.

Paying Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Bill over the Phone or On-line

Another way that ECUA customers can pay their bills is through the phone or via the internet. Phone payments are made by calling: 1-855-329-0911and a minimum charge is paid for that. For ecua bill pay online payments, payments can be made by using debit card, or credit and check.

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Company name : Escambia County Utilities Authority
Address : 9255 Sturdevant Street, Pensacola, FL 32514
State: FL
Zip Code : 32514
Phone Number : 850-476-0480
Website : Ecua Bill Pay

American Water Bill Payment

American Water is basically an American Water Online Self-service site. allows its valuable customers to make bill payment, turn-on your water service or even turn-off your water service within few clicks of mouse. Doing all these things online certainly saves valuable time of customers & also provides them utmost convenience. If you create your account on, it will allow you to check your account balance, make instant bill payment, update existing account information, turn service onto a new address, turn-off service in case of relocation, etc. Making online payment is one of the most-sought after features of

About American Water

American Water corporate provides superior-quality water & wastewater services to round about 14 million people in over 40 states & various parts of Canada through its subsidiaries. Headquartered in Voorhees, NJ, it is the largest & most resourceful publicly traded water & wastewater utility company in the United States. It employs around 6,600 people. Employees of American Water are committed towards ensuring excellent customer service, delivery of safe drinking water, effective wastewater treatment & various other water-related management services. This company also performs non-regulated contract operations for municipalities, which own their utility systems.

Quick Steps to Make American Water Bill Pay through

  1. Logon to
    American Water Homepage (Snap)
  2. Click on MY H20 Online.
    My H2O Online (Snap)
  3. You now will be redirected to this URL:
  4. After reaching to a relevant webpage, enter your Login Id & Password.
    User + Password Page
  5. Click on ‘Login’.
    Login Link
  6. If you are already a customer & want to register for your online account, click on ‘Register’, in order to make instant bill payment.
    Register Link
  7. In case of any emergency click on the emergency link that will take you to the “contact us” page:
    Emergency Link

n case of any query, contact Myh20 team at-

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Company name : American Water
Address : 025 Laurel Oak Road Voorhees
State: NJ
Zip Code : 08043
Phone Number : 1-800-652-6987
Website :

Online Bill Payment with City of Austin Utilities

coautilities logoCity of Austin utilities helps you manage all your utilities on just one common platform. Customers can refer to in order to start, stop or simply transfer their electric, solid or water waste services without much fuss. Users can also monitor as well as pay your online bills with much ease. They are available and accessible 24*7.

How to Pay your bill with coautilities

  • You will require signing up or registering by creating your login.
  • Once you have registered, you can pay your bills securely. It also encourages you to start or simply manage your services with utmost convenience on website
  • You can view eBills and track usage and other relevant details from time to time and from anywhere.

Visit the official page and click on “register” or “log in” to start accessing your account.

For any confusion, you can contact them at the following address –

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Company name : City of Austin Utilities
Address : P.O. Box 2267 Austin
State: TX
Zip Code : 78783-2267
Phone Number : (512) 494-9400

Online Bill Payment on Aqua America

Aqua America logoAqua America is dedicated to providing quality water as well as waste water services. It also allows online users to search for alerts, service outages, water quality reports and water rates in any area. bill payment easy and stress-free where you don’t have to pay for postage. They offer you a simple paperless option that aims at making your bill payment far more convenient and quick.

In order to get started, click on “select your area”. Bill payment can be done with credit cards or you can simply drop a call at the toll free number. You can also pay online for which you will be charged a processing fee of $3.20 for each of your transactions.

In case you receive shutoff notice during the payment process and are scared of being disconnected without making successful payment, drop a call to the customer care immediately and you will be assisted. You must have your confirmation number as that would help you avoid being disconnected.

Bill payment can also be done via ZipCheck which is a direct-payment plan that you can avail. It will automatically deduct the payment amount right from your checking account and that too on the due date.

Visit the locations listed on the website if you would like to pay in person. You can also print ZipCheck application, attach your voided check and send it to the Aqua America ZipCheck department.

Payments can also be mailed to their office address provided on the website. Not only this, you can also get assisted on bill reading with an easily read bill.

For any information on account, customer service, billing or emergency contact at

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Company name : Aqua America, Inc
Address : 762 W. Lancaster Ave Bryn Mawr
State: PA
Zip Code : 19010
Phone Number : 1-877-987-2782