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Louisville Water Payment Options

LouisevilleWaterLouiseville Water brings water to over 850K customers living within Louseville Metro and areas in Bullitt, Oldham, Spencer, Shelby and Nelson counties. It is a supplier of water safe for drinking to homes, schools and businesses. Louseville Water Company has provided a number of payment options to its customers giving them the convenience of paying their bill through their method of choice. These bill payment options are discussed below.

Online Payment Options
Louisville Water Company uses the third party online payment system BillMatrix to accept customer’s payments. No registration is needed and there’s no mobile optimization. However, using this service will cost you a transaction fee of $2.50 charged by BillMatrix.

  • Visit customer page using the following url:
  • Point the mouse at the customers tab and select “online bill pay”. Click on the “Electronic Check, ATM, Debit, or Credit Card” link. This will redirect you to the billmatrix website’s Louisville water payments page.
  • Enter your account number and click on the “continue” button and enter the required information.


FREE Electronic Check

To pay using this method, you will be required to register and log in to your online account. The payments are posted to the account within five business days.


Automatic deduction:

This payment option allows your bill amount to be automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account. You can also schedule automatic payments by visiting and log in to your account using your username and password. If you had not registered before, click on the “Register now” link in order to have online access and set up this payment option. You will need to provide your banking information and set a due date for the bill to be paid.

Pay by phone: The number for making your louisvillewater bill payment by phone is 1-866-665-4991. This option has no service fee attached to it, but you’ve to wait for the confirmation number that is given at the end of the call to be able to proof that the payment has been made.

Pay by mail: Customers can send their payments via mail which can be made using money order or check to the address below.

In case of any misunderstanding, contact Louisville Water Company bill payment team at-

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Company name : Louisville Water Company
Address : P.O. Box 32460 Louisville
State: KY
Zip Code : 40232-2460
Phone Number : (502) 583-6610

Pay American Water Bill through PaymyBill Portal

american Water Logo (blue and red)The is an online water bill payment portal that allows customers to pay their monthly water bills in an easy and convenient way. Customers can pay their bills from anywhere and at any time. Unlike traditional ways of payment which take a longer time such as mailing checks or money orders to the utility companies, this online payment method makes payments quicker since there is no delay as experienced when paying by mail. Some of the companies that utilize this service are the Missouri American Water and the Pennsylvania American Water.

To make your online payment, visit and enter your account number to login and be able to use the online payment service. Click on the “submit” button to login to your account.

water one time

Once you are successfully logged in, you can make one-time payments or schedule automatic payments so that your bill amount can be deducted from your bank account. Other payment options include;

By automatic deduction: Sign up for automatic deduction and you bill will be deducted from the saving or credit account from your bank on the due date. It’s a free service and you will always receive a copy of your bill before the due date. For more information about the service contact the Customer Service Center to sign up. this is the automatic enrollment page.
Pay by mail: Use the mail address (below) to send your payment. Checks and money orders are applicable. To avoid delays, include the pre-address stub and your account number and address on the check or money order.

Pay by phone: You can pay your bill using your credit card by contacting this number 1-866-271-5522.

Pay in person: An agreement made by Missouri American Water and the Pennsylvania American Water with hundreds of merchants’ help you pay you bill in person across the state. The locations include Drug stores and supermarkets but location usually changes so make sure you call the location before going to make the payment. This is the American Water pay in person locations

If you still can’t pay your bill, fell free to contact American Water and “Paymybill” team at- 

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Company name : American Water
Address : 025 Laurel Oak Road Voorhees
State: NJ
Zip Code : 08043
Phone Number : 1-800-652-6987

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department – MyDWSD

dwsd logoDWSD website is giving the kind of service that has enabled customers to access and manage their water and wastewater account online. There are three types of account services: standard account service, premium account service and landlord account service.

Find your Service through My Account Page

  • With standard service, you can clear one-time bill payments online, check your due date and account balance, view billing, consumption and payment history etc.
  • With premium service, you can enjoy benefits of standard service, in addition to setting up and changing your user profile, signing up for one-time or recurring payment of bills online, request meter readings, request field investigation, request payment installment or extension plan, request water usage, request a document, enroll to receive online bill along with a hard copy, etc. For full explanation of DWSD Online Services click. Anyone can enroll for a premium account by providing an identity proof and a proof of ownership of the property.
  • With landlord service, you can avail limited access to your account, including service address, account number, payment links and account balance for your multiple properties. Landlord service does not require any registration.

If you want to pay your bills through my account service follow these steps

  • Log in to the site OR My Account page.
    dwsd bill payment section
  • Hover mouse over “My DWSD online Bill Pay”, and click on ‘Access Your account’.
    dwsd acsess to your account
  • You will be redirected to
  • Select the type of DWSD account have, whether it is standard, premium or landlord
  • Premium account holders will have to enter their username and password
  • Then click on sign in, and you will be redirected to your personal account page. Here you can manage your account and make your payments

In case of any confusion, please contact Detroit Water and Sewerage Department bill payment team at-

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Company name : Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
Address : 13401 W Outer Dr Redford Charter Township
State: MI
Zip Code : 48239
Phone Number : (313) 267-8000

Pay Your Tucson Water Bill

City of Tucson LogoTucson Water is located in an area that receives less than twelve inches of rainfall per year. This means that Tucson has to utilize water from various sources. On their website,, they give resources that allow you to see where they draw the water from. These include: publications, reports, and videos of the process, long range water plan updates, information about the Central Avra Valley Storage and Recovery Project, information about the Southern Avra Valley Storage and Recovery Project, and pictures of the advanced oxidation plant water treatment facility. Also on the site, you’ll be able to access groundwater maps,

Ways to Pay your Bill on

You can pay your Tucson Water bill multiple ways. You can enroll in paperless billing and pay online or you can pay in person, phone, or by mail. Also, there is an option to make an online payment without creating an account. You can also sign up for automated bill payment. To pay online, you’ll need a PIN number. To retrieve your pin, you must provide your account number and the date of your bill.

Paying your Tucson Water Bill on

  • Navigate to and, on the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a list of hyperlinks underneath the words Tucson Water in black print. Click on the first hyperlink there that says Customer Service and Billing.
  • Click on the blue hyperlink that says Make an Online Payment Today.
  • If you have a PIN number, click the blue box on the right-hand side that says “I have a PIN, sign in here.” Enter your account ID and PIN number. Click Sign-On.
  • Click Pay My Bill on the left-hand side of the screen and insert your card details.

In case of any confusion, do not hesitate – call the Tucson Water bill payment team at-

(2 raters, 9 scores, average: 4.50 out of 5)
Company name : City of Tucson
Address : P.O. Box 28804 Tucson
State: AZ
Zip Code : 85726-8804
Phone Number : 520-791-3242

Pay City of Durham Water Bill Online

City of DURHAM logoDurham is among the largest cities in the state of North Carolina, United States. It is famous as the “City of Medicine,” which is because the majority of the industries there are health-centric. According to an estimate, Durham holds around 300 such small and big companies that specifically deal in health, weight management, as well as pharmaceutical stuffs. Most interestingly, a very big number of the city’s population is indeed health workers! Besides, it has quite a bright past and present history, for being the center of research works, education, and business.

Now, for the benefits of residents, the City of Durham site has been opened. It can be accessed at Www.Durhamnc.Gov. This Website does not only give deep insights into the city itself but also allows you to do a variety of important activities, such as payment of utility bills, etc.

Why would you pay through Durhamnc.Gov Watter Bill Pay Page?

No doubt you can pay bills by visiting any local office or cash counter, but it may not always be a convenient option. There could be times when you are away from the city, and there is no one else to pay the dues on your behalf. As a result of this, bills will start piling up, utility connections may get interrupted, and you will have a headache fixing these later! However, you can surely avoid any such possibilities, by simply paying the bills on Www.Durhamnc.Gov, at regular intervals. Doing so is also good in case you want to check billing and payment history, and so on. Moreover, it is fast, secure, and free from traffic-jam hassles.

What kind of bills can you pay on Durhamnc Website?

As of today, the City of Durban site accepts payments for water, storm  or sewer, bills.

What are the Various Steps Involved in Paying Bills on www.Durhamnc.Gov?

Payment of bills on Www.Durhamnc.Gov follows an easy procedure. Before starting, however, do make sure that you have your ‘account number’ ready. The first six digits of this number would act as your ‘customer ID’, and the last six digits would be the actual account no.

  • Go to the page:
  • Enter your account and customer number in the given fields.
  • Then, click the ‘search’ button to find out your utility bill statements, etc.
  • In the case of any mistakes in the entered numbers, click the ‘reset’ button.
  • Now you can pay the corresponding bills using your credit or debit card.

It should be noted that you must clear any pending amounts first, or your utility connections may be disconnected! If there is some confusion, reach City of Durham bill payment team at:

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Company name : City of Durham
Address : 101 City Hall Plaza, Durham
State: North Carolina
Zip Code : 27701
Phone Number : (919) 560-1200

Pay Las Vegas Valley Water District Bill Online

LVVWD LogoSince last 5 decades or more as a not-for-profit organization, Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) changed the scenario of the water supply system in the city of Las Vegas Valley. Its journey of providing the best water service to the city dwellers started from 1954 and today it is on the top.

Currently people in Las Vegas metropolitan, unincorporated Clark County, Coyote Springs, Jean, Kyle Canyon, Blue Diamond, Laughlin, and Searchlight are its satisfied customers.

Making payments with the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) through

Getting the billing information and paying it online is not a matter to worry as several payment options available backed by an expert technical support team. Besides their online payment service (eBill), customers can decide on Pay by Phone, Automatic Payments, and other offline payment alternatives.

Online Payment Service (eBill) on

In terms of Pay Online payment option there are two ways i.e. Monthly Online Payments and One Time Payment.

  • Clicking on the “One-time Payment” option ( will open a new browser window.
  • The window will have five steps and in the first one you have to enter your customer account number and email id.
  • Pressing the continue button will take you to the “Payment Type” step where you have to choose the right option there. You have to choose between credit card and debit card options and then press continue.
  • In the “Payment Information” window type your card details and pressing the continue button will take you to the “Payment Summary” window where you can view the transaction details.
  • In the last window i.e. “Payment Status”, you will get your bill status. Note that here your bill will not be displayed and it may take 1 to 3 business days for your payment to post.

If you will get any questions regarding online payment or billing then call Customer Services at (702) 870-4194 during regular business hours to get the query answered. Registering in the payment page will let you view, pay and make changes in your water account billings.

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Company name : Las Vegas Valley Water District
Address : 1001 S. Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas
State: NV
Zip Code : 89107
Phone Number : (702) 870-4194

Amwater Bill Payment

Amwater LogoAmerican Water is a leading water supply company in the United States. The company is supplying millions of customers with high quality water at 16 different states in United States including Washington, Utah, Arizona, Kansas, Ohio, North Carolina and many more.

To make billing and access to information more easier for their customers, American Water offers an online service, My H2O Online, at The service is designed to save time of their customers by giving them an access to water service account that can be used to turn water on or off and to pay the bills. You can also have access to other benefits like checking account balance, update account information any time, turning service on when moving to new location and much more. You can read more about the benefits for an online account at website.

Residential customers can easily make their online account by going to link and clicking on the register button at the bottom right. Select state and provide details like account number and other information. Once you become a member, you can pay online or can have access to your account balance at any time of the day.


To login to the account please use the screen below.


Payment Options

Billing and payment options may vary according to the state you live in. Some of the common payment options are

  • By Mail. A return envelop is provided with every bill. Customers can use the same envelop to send their checks or money order. The envelop is only for checks or money orders, so don’t send cash.
  • Online Payment – If you have an online account, you can use it to pay your bill from the comfort of your couch through site. The service is only available for residential customers.
  • Automatic Payment. You can fill an online automatic payment form to avail this service. By using this service, the bill account will be charged automatically at every due date directly from your bank account.
  • Pay by Phone. You can also pay by phone by calling 1.866.271.5522 using your MasterCard or Visa card.

In case of any confusion, contact AMwater bill payment team at-

(4 raters, 17 scores, average: 4.25 out of 5)
Company name : American Water
Address : 025 Laurel Oak Road Voorhees
State: NJ
Zip Code : 08043
Phone Number : 1-800-652-6987

Paying your Cobb County Water Bills Online

Cobb County Water System LogoThe Cobb County Water System with the Cobb-Marietta County Water Authority – Together, they distribute water that high quality to their customers. The Cobb County Water System obtains their water through two sources: the Chattahoochee River and Lake Allatoona. More information on the logistics and water locations can be found at

Cobb Water System and the Environment

Cobb County takes environmentalism seriously. They were voted the “Southeasts’s best in water quality control” by the US Environmental Protection Agency. After water is used, it is taken to the wastewater treatment plant to be cleaned and treated. Then, it uses a biological process to stimulate the growth of bacteria that eat most of the waste in the water. Separated solids are concentrated, dewatered, and removed from the clean water as bio-solids. Visit to read more about the Cobb system. website

In addition to paying your bill, there are also many options you have for online work. You can (without logging in) fill out a change of address application, a disconnect service application, a new service application, a Realtor new service application, or a senior citizen application. Other things that the service requests handle include service requests, bill pay, rates/payment information, fire hydrant meter rental, delinquency, and other issues. Resources on also include brochures, education-related information, press releases, “in the news” items, video on demand, water quality reports, and related links.

Pay your Cobb County Water Bill through Webpage

  • Go to (it will direct you to In the center of the page, there is a blue box that says Account Log In. Click that.
  • Alternatively, you can make an instant payment (the green box next to the blue box) to pay your bill without logging in or having to create an account.
  • To pay your Cobb water bill online you will need to use your user and password.
  • You will see a big button with the words “pay now” click on it.
  • Finalize by inseting all of your credit card detials etc.

In case of any confusion, please contact Cobb County Water System bill payment team at-

(2 raters, 9 scores, average: 4.50 out of 5)
Company name : The Cobb County Water System
Address : P.O. Box 580440 Charlotte
State: North Carolina
Zip Code : 28258-0440
Phone Number : 770-423-1000

Pay your Atlanta Water Service Bill Online

City of Atlanta, Department of Watershed Management LogoThe City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management makes it fast and  simple for its customers to pay their bills online through payatlwateronline. In addition to bill-pay, ATL Water also posts additional useful information such as the new rules for storm water, vendor development, water conservation, and keeping your kids hydrated when they go off to school.

More about ATL Customer Service

ATL Water has a lot of customer service options. They provide water and sewage rates, bill disputes and appeals, answers to FAQs, and forms that one needs to fill out before accessing the water system. ATL water also offers several options of how to make your payment (aside from

Alternatives to Online Payment

To pay your bill, you can also pay by phone. Their phone system operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also pay using your smartphone or tablet or by walk-in. Payment windows are available on the first floor of Atlanta City Hall.

Pay your Bill through www.payATLwateronline Webpage

1. Nvigate to
2. Sign into your account with your username/password.
3. If you’re a first-time user, you can create an account by providing your account number to begin registration.
4. Once logged in, provide financial information and check it over.
5. Click Pay Bill.

Some helpful Atlanta Department of Watershed Management Bill Payment Videos

In case of any confusion, please contact ATL water online payment team at-

(1 raters, 5 scores, average: 5.00 out of 5)
Company name : City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management
Address : 55 Trinity Ave
State: GA
Zip Code : 30303
Phone Number : 404.658.6500

Houston Water Payment Options

Houston Water Bills LogoPW is the city of Huston public works an engineer’s department.

The Huston town PW is actually provides the day to day, ‘basic’ services, for example – the PW is providing for more than 2.1 million Huston costumers their water.

In this guide we will talk about the PW utilities website and customer service, how to pay your Huston utilities bill payment and about their main website:

About – PW official site is the Huston PW main website, where you as a customer (and a consumer) can check your bills online, pay your bills online, manage your account, and manage your usages and more. So let’s talk about paying your bills through portal.

Pay your Bill Online through Page

This small guide will show you step by step how to pay your Houston water bills online.

As you can see, the all billing process through is very easy and fast. The payment process is secured by SSL verification, and secured through Norton (this link:

Still need help paying your Huston utilities bill? – Just contact PW bill payment team by phone 24/7 through:

(2 raters, 9 scores, average: 4.50 out of 5)
Company name : City Of Houston
Address : Utility Customer Service P. O. Box 1560 Houston
State: TX
Zip Code : 77210-4863
Phone Number : 713-837-0311