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Bank of the West Auto Loan Payoff

Bank of the West LogoWith  a rich history that dates back to the 1870s, Bank of the West is a relatively large banking institution that can be found throughout the numerous states throughout the country. Though they are nowhere near as large as some of their more nationally known competitors, they still offer a full range of banking services like checking and savings accounts as well as many different lines of credit and loans for real estate, autos, business and more.

Like their larger competitors, they also offer access to online banking. For those of you who have yet to sign up for online banking, this is a great time to get comfortable with the feature. You can take care of a wide number of activities that were traditionally only available by visiting a physical bank, including transferring funds, paying bills, sending payments to other people and managing almost every aspect of your account. About the only thing you can’t do with an online banking account at Bank of the West is have your computer dispense cash like an ATM .

If you’re ready to take the step and get yourself set up with online banking with Bank of the West, this guide will help walk you through the process.

Creating Your Online Access Account

  1. Go to the Bank of the West online banking portal by following the link in the green contact box near the end of this page or clicking the link here
  2. Click the Enroll link next to the sign in button

Online Banking Bank of the West

  1. On the Enroll in Online Banking page, click the button that says “Checking Account and Debit Card”

Enroll in Online Banking Bank of the West

  1. Fill out all of the information on the Enter Your Information screen, which includes your name, checking account number, debit card number, SSN and your email address. Scroll down and agree to the terms and conditions as well as the mobile service agreement, then click the Continue button (on the bottom right)

Bank of the West account enrollment form start

  1. Continue filling out all of the requested information to fully complete the creation of your online login credentials for Bank of the West

Logging In to Online Banking at Bank of the West

After going through the steps detailed above, you should be ready to log in and take advantage of all the benefits that online banking offers. To sign in, go to the Online Banking section of Bank of the West’s website. Once there, click the Sign In button. On the following screen, enter the user name and password that you chose during online account enrollment and click the Submit button.

(5 raters, 23 scores, average: 4.60 out of 5)
Company name : Bank of the West
Address : 2299 Market St
State: San Francisco, CA
Zip Code : 94114
Phone Number : 800-488-2265

Make a Payment On Your BMW Credit Card

BMW Credit CardThough they offer up the “Ultimate driving machines,” BMW also provides its customers access to something that you may have not expected: Credit cards. As you probably do expect, though, is that the rewards from BMW’s line of credit cards are BMW-related lifestyle goods that range from small things like collectable BMW gear to credits applicable to leases and financing.

For BMW Credit Card users, making a payment online or through the mail is easy, just follow the guide below.

Online Access Enrollment for Account Management

To sign up for online access to your BMW Credit Card account, which will in turn allow you to make online payments to your account balance, you will have to visit the BMW Credit Card online services enrollment page. Once there, enter all of the information requested, including your account number, name (as shown on your card), last four of your SSN, email and more:

BMW Credit Card Enroll in Online Services

Once your account is created, you can go to the next section on this page to complete your bill payment online.

Making Your Payment Online

  1. With your preferred internet browser, head to the bottom of this page and click the link in the green company contact box after reading these instructions or follow along step by step and start by clicking the link to the BMW credit card payment portal by following this link:
  2. Enter your user name and password into the text entry boxes on the left side of the screen, then click the button labeled as “Log In”

BMW Card Center Login

  1. In the account summary, go to bill payment
  2. If this is your first visit, enter your banking information. Also choose your payment amount and date that you would like the funds withdrawn from your bank
  3. Verify and submit your payment details. You can leave the site once you receive confirmation that your payment has been successfully scheduled

Pay Through the Mail

If you would like to mail a payment in for your BMW Credit Card, you can send a check or money order to the following address:

BMW Card Services
PO Box 660545
Dallas, TX 75266-0545

However, if you have found yourself in a situation where you need to mail in a rushed bill pay, overnight payments should be sent to this address instead:

BMW #660545
1500 Dragon Street, Suite A
Dallas, TX 75207

No matter which way you decide to send your payment through the mail, you must write your account number on the check or money order, which will help ensure that the proper account is credited with the payment that you send in.

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Company name : BMW Financial Services
Address : 5550 Britton Parkway, Hilliard
State: OH
Zip Code : 43026
Phone Number : 1-888-269-2273

Infiniti Financing (USA) Bill Payment Options

Infiniti LogoInfiniti is the luxury car brand owned and operated by the Nissan corporation. They feature a number of vehicles, all of which reach far above the standards set by the parent company. Consequently, the prices for new Infiniti vehicles are often much higher than the vehicles sold under the Nissan banner, but for those that can afford the difference the benefits are far worth the price.

If you have an account with Infiniti Financial Services for a leased or loaned Infiniti vehicle, there are a few options available to pay your car bill.

Finding Your Infiniti Car Payment Mailing Address

To make a payment to Infiniti Financial Services, you will have to visit the brand’s special contact page for mailing addresses by clicking here. In the middle of that page, you will see two dropdown boxes, select the options that pertain to your Infiniti account and they will give you the address that you should send your payment to.

Online Infiniti Car Payment

Making online payments to Infiniti don’t actually happen through the website itself. You will have to use the service BillMatrix to complete the transaction. You will be charged a small fee for using this service.

  1. Navigate to the IFS Online Payment page. Click here to go there or, if you follow the link in the green box at the bottom of this page, click the “PAY NOW” button:

Infiniti Car Payment Pay Now Button

  1. Click the yellow button that says “Start Payment Process”

Infiniti Online Car Payment Start

  1. Input the requested account information, including your zip code and phone number, then click the “Next” button

Infiniti BillMatrix Account Info Entry

  1. Input your payment information into the fields and move on to the next page
  2. Check that your payment options are what you want them to be then continue
  3. Finalize your payment with Infiniti through BillMatrix
  4. Upon receipt of a confirmation number for your payment, you can leave the site or simply close down your browser

Infiniti Car Payment by Phone

If you would like to make a payment to Infiniti for your car payment over the phone, you will have to use the BillMatrix system. The phone number to call is (800) 606-6613. Follow the prompts given by the BillMatrix automated system to complete your bill pay. Like the online BillMatrix online payment, using this service will incur a small fee from BillMatrix.

If you encounter any problems with or you have questions about BillMatrix, you can reach their customer service hotline by dialing (800) 967-9649.

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Company name : Infiniti Financing
Address : PO Box 660360
State: TX
Zip Code : 75266-0360
Phone Number : 800-662-6200

Toyota Rewards Visa Card Login and Bill Payment

Toyota Rewards Visa CardAlthough the company is obviously much more known for their car manufacturing, Toyota also has a robust financial section called Toyota Financial Services. For the most part, people know this part of Toyota as having to deal with the leasing and selling of new and used vehicles. However, they also offer a number of other services, including their Toyota Rewards Visa card. One of the major perks of this card is that they offer points that customers can put towards specific “rewards,” and the things they offer are rather extensive.


For those of you who have a Toyota Rewards Visa credit card and would like to check the points balance that you have earned from making qualified purchases, you may do so by following the guide below. It covers both online account creation and logging into the credit card’s point management website.

Register Your Account Online

If you are a cardholder of the Toyota Rewards Visa credit card but have yet to enroll in the company’s “My Card Account,” you can do so at Toyota enrollment page by clicking here. Once you are on the page, the form is fairly brief and does not ask for much information.

The details that you will have to fill out include your Toyota Rewards Visa account number, the last four of your SSN, the billing zip code of the Visa card, the three-digit code on the back of the card, your email address (twice) and a password (twice). Once those are filled out, click the red “Submit” button and the site will give you a verification that your account has been successfully created.

With your log in credentials created, you will be able to manage your Toyota Rewards Visa points, which you can do so by following the instructions printed below.

Make a Payment Online

  1. Use the link at the bottom of this page (in the green box) to go to the portal page for your Toyota Rewards Visa card
  2. On the landing page, click the link at the top-right portion of the screen that says “Log In here”

Toyota Visa Splash

  1. Enter your email address into the field on the screen and click the red “Next” button

Toyota Visa Login

  1. Enter your password when prompted and continue logging in
  2. Once in your account, you may view and, if you so choose, spend your Toyota Rewards Visa points on the various products and services available through the program.
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Company name : Toyota Cardmember Service
Address : 19001 Southwestern Ave. WF 12 Torrence
State: CA
Zip Code : 90509
Phone Number : 701-461-0181

Car Payments Through Hyundai Finance

Hyundai Finance LogoIf you are looking for instruction on how to make a payment on your Hyundai Motor Finance account, you have come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the processes of making online payments, registering for online access with the company and, if you choose, mailing in your payments.


When you are ready to get started, find the section you need from the guide below and follow the directions to get your Hyundai Motor Finance payment made today.

Make an Online Payment to Hyundai Finance

  1. Go to the website, you can find the link to it at the bottom of this guide in a green box that has contact information for Hyundai
  2. Type your Hyundai Motor Finance account username and password into the boxes at the top left part of the screen. Click the “Remember me” checkbox to have the site to keep you signed in if you prefer, then click the blue “LOG IN” button

Hyundai Finance Sign In

  1. Hold your mouse over the button labeled “Payments” at the top of the screen and click the link that says “Make a Payment”
  2. Choose whether you want to do a one-time payment or set your account up for recurring withdraws and enter your payment information and amount to pay as well decide on scheduling if you chose recurring payments
  3. Verify that your banking information is correct and submit the payment to Hyundai

Creating Your Hyundai Online Account

If you have not yet created an account to log in online to Hyundai Motor Finance, you can get that done through Hyundai Motor Finance registration page. The form is long, so we can’t show the whole thing here, but during the registration process you will enter many different sets of information, including account details, log in credentials (username and password), security questions, set preferences and agree to an online access terms and conditions document:

Hyundai Motor Finance Account Registration

This all must be done before going through the online payment steps listed above so you can have your username and password ready.

Mail In Your Car Payment

If you would like to mail your payment in to avoid going through the website or registering your account, you can. There are two different addresses for mail-in payments, though, so check your account number for how many digits it has (10 or 14) and send your payment to one of the following addresses accordingly:

For 10-Digit Account Numbers:

Hyundai Motor Finance
PO Box 660891
Dallas, TX 75266-0891

For 14-Digit Account Numbers:

Hyundai Motor Finance
PO Box 650805
Dallas, TX 75265-0805

If you are mailing your car payment to Hyundai, make sure to note your account number somewhere on the check or money order that you are sending.

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Company name : Hyundai Motor Group
Address : PO Box 660891
State: TX
Zip Code : 75226-0891
Phone Number : 1-800-523-4030
Website :

How to Pay Your CarMax Auto Finance Payment

CarMax LogoAlthough relatively new to the automotive sales industry, CarMax has already set itself apart as a trustworthy dealership of new and used cars. Their trade-in service is wonderful and does not take into account whether or not customers actually purchase from them, though most usually do since they have the cash on hand immediately and the car prices are notably fair.

If you, like millions of others, have purchased a car from CarMax and need to make a payment on the vehicle, follow the instructions here to complete the task.

Make an Online Payment

Note: You must register first before making online payments to CarMax Auto Finance. Click here to register and fill in your information as requested by the online form. Information you will need to supply includes your full name, zip code, email address & password (for online account creation), CarMax Auto Finance account number, the last four of your Social Security number and your date of birth:

 CarMax Auto Finance Registration Form

This is followed by two consent forms that you must read and agree to before your account will be created. Once created, follow these steps to make your payment online:

  1. Point your browser toward the CarMax Auto Finance payment page (This link will open the page in a new window or browser tab)
  2. Click the blue button with a key on it labeled “MyCarMax”

CarMax Auto Finance Splash

  1. Enter your email and password (which you chose during the registration process discussed above) into the fields and click the green “Sign In” button

CarMax Auto Finance Login

  1. Navigate to bill pay and enter your banking account information as requested and follow the prompts to complete the payment. During this step, make sure your entered information is correct then submit your payment
  2. You CarMax Auto Finance bill pay is complete once the site informs you that your payment was successful

Phone Payments

To make a CarMax Auto Finance bill payment over the phone, call them by dialing (800) 925-3612. The phone system is automated, so simply follow the prompts to complete your payment. Once you have written down your confirmation number, your bill pay is complete.

Mail-In Payments

To mail your payment to CarMax Auto Finance, send a check or money order to:

carmax payment adress 1

If you are making a final payment on your vehicle (payoff), send it to:

carmax payment adress 2

Western Union or MoneyGram

You can also make CarMax Auto Finance bill payments through Western Union and MoneyGram service locations. To find a WesternUnion near you, dial (800) 238-5772. For MoneyGram locations, dial (800) MONEYGRAM.

(1 raters, 4 scores, average: 4.00 out of 5)
Company name : CarMax Auto Finance
Address : P.O. Box 440609 Kennesaw, GA 30160
State: Georgia
Zip Code : 3612
Phone Number : (800) 925-3612

How to Pay your Bill With AAA membership card

American Automobile Association (AAA) LogoThough the American Automobile Association (AAA) is often referred to as a single organization, it is actually a kind of an alliance of multiple auto clubs being operated under a single banner. However, and for the most part, the functionality of the various organizations that make up AAA are synchronous to the point that a AAA insured driver from New York can contact an AAA in Texas to receive roadside assistance without encountering any issues.

And, speaking of their roadside assistance, AAA’s is often shown to be some of their customer’s primary reason for signing up with the company’s insurance coverage. And that’s for good reason, too. Their roadside assistance is one of the most consistently high rated services in the country.

If you receive your car insurance from AAA and are looking for ways to pay your bill, follow the directions found in the method below that you would like to use.

Registering Beforehand

Even if you have been a member of AAA for your whole life, you will need to register your account with the insurance company before you can actually make any kind of payments online. To get started on the registration process (it will only take a couple minutes), click here to go to their registration page. If you’re not in southern California (as is shown in the example below), you will have to go to the AAA website, which will redirect you to your local AAA’s site. From there, you’ll have to click the register link that should be found near the actual login prompts.

Once you have the registration page loaded for your location, you’ll begin by entering your AAA membership number and zip code:

aaa register

From there, follow the prompts to complete registration and create your personal login credentials, which will be used on the next part of this guide.

Online Payments

  1. With your internet browser, head on over to (you will find the live link on the bottom of this page). This link will automatically load your local AAA’s site for your convenience
  2. Enter your username and password, which you chose during the registration process above, and click the Login button
    aaa login
  3. Navigate to the premium payment section of the AAA website
  4. Enter the amount you would like to pay as well as the date on which you would like the payment to be drawn from your bank account. Enter your payment information and submit the payment
  5. Once you are presented with a screen that shows affirmation of your payment, you can close the browser
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Company name : The American Automobile Association
Address : 1000 Aaa Dr Heathrow
State: FL
Zip Code : 32746
Phone Number : (407) 444-7000

How to Pay Your CapitalOne Auto Loan

capital one auto finance logoAlthough they’ve only been around a little longer than 20 years, CapitalOne has become a massive force in the financial industry through offering many different types of lines of credit. Of the various lines of credit provided to customers from CapitalOne, their specialties are the following – credit cards, auto loans, sharebuilder investing and home loans. They also offer standard banking services like checking accounts and savings accounts among others.

If you are one of CapitalOne’s customers and have an auto loan payment that needs to be made or you are looking to see the status of your auto loan application, you may do so by following the instructions found in the rest of this guide.

Check the Status of an Auto Loan

If you’ve recently applied for a car loan through CapitalOne, you may be wondering what the current status of your application is. To find out where the decision is at, head over to the CapitalOne login page by clicking here. Next, you will want to click the grey box that says “Loans” and a dropdown menu will appear. Next, you want to click the blue “Sign In” button that’s on the same line as “Auto Loans – Application Status” as highlighted in this image:

check status

From here, enter your last name and the last four numbers of your social security number and click the green submit button.

capital one check status

Follow the rest of the prompts to find out your application status.

Make a CapitalOne Auto Loan Payment Online

  1. With your browser, navigate to the webpage (link is on the bottom of this page) by typing it in your address bar or merely clicking the highlighted link
  2. The dropdown box should already be set to “Auto Loans” but, if not, click it and select the choice
  3. Input your user ID or customer number and click the green “CONTINUE” button

Capital One auto login snap

  1. Navigate to the make a payment on your auto loan portion of the website and enter your payment information as well as how much you want to pay and when you would like the funds withdrawn from your account. Verify at all stages that your information is correct. Submit the payment
  2. Upon seeing a confirmation that your payment was successfully processed, you can close your window or view other information on the site about your account

Make a CapitalOne Auto Loan Payment by Mail

To make a payment through the mail, there are two addresses. One is for standard mail and the other is the address you will send to for overnight processing. The standard address is:

Capital One Auto Finanace Mail Adress Payment

However you choose to make your CapitalOne auto loan payments, always make sure that they’re on time so you don’t incur late fees or have your credit rating impacted.

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Company name : Capital One
Address : 1680 Capital One Drive McLean
State: VA
Zip Code : 22102
Phone Number : 1-703-720-2500

Southeast Toyota Finance – Bills Online Payment

SEFT LogoSoutheast Toyota Finance  caters to Toyota dealers and individual customers in providing financing options for any Toyota purchases. The company owes its success to flexible and innovative finance options that it has installed since conception.

Southeast Toyota Finance Key Services

These finance platforms allow thousands of consumers to gain easier access and an increased opportunity to acquiring car loans. The company also provides business loans to car dealers for working capital requirements, purchase of real estate, and even construction of new buildings/offices. With such a diverse range of products and services provided by the company, it launched its website ( to accommodate customer needs. The site provides all information required by their customers, from loan details to loan calculators, special offers, and lease options. also gives access to a member’s page or an exclusive customer account center, which allows clients to view details about their accounts, manage information about their purchased vehicles, and even arrange payments for their loans. More details on how to pay loans are found below.

How to Pay Southeast Toyota Finance Loans

There are currently five available ways of paying your car loan with Southeast Toyota Finance.

  1. The first option is to pay via mail. On the proposed date of payment found on your billing statement, you can send your payment through mail to the following addresses. Please take note that there is a different address for retail accounts and lease accounts.
    SEFT payment adresses (Retial + lease)
  2. The next option is to pay your bill through a phone call. In order for you to do this, have your check number and Southeast Toyota Finance Account number on hand for a faster and smoother transaction. Then, call the number below to begin processing your payment.Southeast Toyota Finance Contact No.: 1-800-686-3494
  3. The third option is to pay through MoneyGram®. You can visit any available MoneyGram branch in your area. Bring your account number with you and also remember to ask about possible transaction charges. When paying, key in the following information as required:Receive Code: 2156
  4. The fourth option is to pay through Western Union®. Similar to MoneyGram, locate a nearby Western Union branch and bring your account number. Also take note of this required code:Code City: OMNI
    State Code: AL
  5. The fifth option is to make an online payment through SEFT portal. For a complete guideline on how to make this type of payment, read on to the next section of this post.

Paying through SEFT Portal

Here are the steps that you should follow to complete a loan payment using 

  1. Visit Your page should look similar to this snapshot.
  2. Once you’re on the official company site, you can login using the login portal found on the rightmost part of the page. Check the picture below for more details.
  3. Login your customer account by providing your Username and Password.
  4. If you successfully login, you can make a payment by going to the Payment Center of your account. To do this, go to the topmost tabs in the homepage. You should see a tab that says “My Account”. When you point your mouse over this tab, four options will appear. Click on the third option which says “Payment Center”.
  5. After clicking on the Payment Center, you can now arrange payments for your loan.

Before you can access an account, you have to register with the site. Here is a complete SEFT registretion guide from Setf for new registrations.

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Company name : Southeast Toyota Finance
Address : PO Box 991817 Mobile
State: AL
Zip Code : 36691-8817
Phone Number : 1-800-686-3494
Website :

How to Pay Your GM Card Balance

GM Credit CardFor those who can qualify for it, the GM Card is a pretty interesting reward-giving credit program available to select Chase bank customers. The card itself is supplied by Capital One, which makes a large partnership between the auto manufacturer GM, Chase and the credit card purveyor. Where most credit card reward programs have points that can be used to earn discounts on purchases like electronics or travel, the points on a GM Card can get put directly toward the purchase of a new General Motors vehicle.

Understandably, the card has become quite popular, especially for those who have a taste for GM cars, trucks and SUVs. If you have a GM Card, there are a few ways that you can pay your bill, and we will go over them below. You can:

Pay Your Bill Online

  1. Use your browser to pull up
  2. Click the “LOG IN” button on the top-right portion of the screen as shown here:

gm card login link

  1. On the following page, click the “MANAGE YOUR CAPITAL ONE ACCOUNT” button, which will take you to the actual log in screen


  1. On the “Your Account Login” page enter your Username and Password, which you should have set up through the GM Card online access register page.

online access register

  1. Once signed in, navigate to the pay bill section. Enter your payment information and submit it

Pay Your Bill Over the Phone

If you would like to pay your GM Card bill over the automated telephone system, you can do so by calling (888) 316-2390. You can also request to speak to a live operator to help guide you through the payment process.

This is also the number you should call if you encounter any issues with your GM Card.

Send Your Payment Through the Mail

While it is a bit of a pain to find, there actually is a mailing address that you can send your check or money order to make payments toward your GM Card. If you choose to pay by mail, make sure that your account number is written on the check. Likewise, ensure that you have at least five days left to make your payment on time, otherwise your payment might not be submitted in time to remain current on your account.


In case of any misunderstanding, or if you still need help paying your GM Card bill, don’t hesitate and contact the GM credit card bill payment team at-

(1 raters, 5 scores, average: 5.00 out of 5)
Company name : GM Card
Address : Capital One Care Center, Salt Lake City
State: UT
Zip Code : 84130-0256
Phone Number : 1-888-316-2390
Website :