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Best Buy Credit Card Payments

Best Buy Credit CardsIn recent years, the Best Buy brand has become synonymous with consumer electronics and excellent in-store service. Because of this, both the stores and the company’s online shop are very popular places for people to shop for new toys for themselves and others. That being the case, the company’s offered credit cards are some of the most-used in-store credit cards in the United States.


If you’re a cardholder for Best Buy credit, you can easily make a payment on your Best Buy credit card account using the instructions printed below. Note: If you would like to mail a payment in, you can do so by sending it to the address noted directly on your billing statement.


Pay Your Bill In a Best Buy Store

If you are a frequent Best Buy shopper, it might just be easiest for you to make a payment on your Best Buy Reward Zone credit card while you are shopping at one of the many locations. Just tell the customer service clerk that you would like to pay your bill and they’ll swipe your card and accept payment. If you are traveling or want to see if there is a closer Best Buy store than the one you normally go to, use their store locator by clicking here, then fill out these boxes and click “Find Stores”:

Best Buy Store Locator


Pay Your Best Buy Credit Card Bill Online

Best Buy’s credit card program used to be managed by Capital One through the website; however, the company has since switched to Citibank’s credit card account management. This guide has been updated to reflect these changes:

You must register your Best Buy credit card through the Account Online registration page before being given access to online account management. You will be asked for your Best Buy credit card number, the name on your card, the three-digit CVN and your Social Security number to get started. Once you have an account created, you can follow these steps to make Best Buy credit card payments.

  1. Go to the Best Buy credit card management webpage, click here to open it in a new window
  2. At the bottom of the introductory “Manage Your Account” box, click the button labeled “Manage Account”

Best Buy Credit Card Splash

  1. Type your User ID and password into the boxes highlighted in the image below. The site can save your login user ID if you click the box labeled “Remember my ID.” Click the dropdown box labeled “Take me to:” then choose “Make a Payment.” When ready, click the button labeled “Sign On”

Best Buy Credit Login

  1. To make your payment, adhere to the instructions printed on the screen, which will include asking how much you want to pay toward your account, the date that you want Best Buy to process the payment and more. Ensure that your payment information and choices are correct, then submit your payment
  2. After receiving a confirmation message that your payment is complete, you no longer have to be on the website and you can close down your browser or navigate away from the page
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Company name : Best Buy
Address : 7601 Penn Avenue South Richfield
State: MN
Zip Code : 55423-3645
Phone Number : 1-888-237-8289

Scotts Lawn Service Bill Pay

Scotts Lawn Service LogoOne of the largest landscaping companies in the United States, Scotts Lawn Service has developed a dedicated following of customers. Their services include lawn, tree and shrub services as well as pest control options.

If you need to make a payment on your Scotts Lawn Service account online or you need to create a login for online account management, you can easily do so by following the instructions written below.

Making a Payment Online

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click the link that says “Login” at the top of the page found underneath the search box

Scotts Lawn Service Splash

  1. Type your zip code into the text entry box in the middle of the screen and click the circular orange button with the arrow in it. Note: If Scotts Lawn Service isn’t available where you live, then you can’t progress any further

Scotts Lawn Service Zip Entry (2)

  1. Enter your user name or email address and your password into the fields under the “Sign in” header and click the “Sign In” button

Scotts Lawn Service Sign In

  1. Navigate to account management and find bill payment. Once in the bill pay portion of the site, enter your payment information and select the date of payment and amount to pay then verify that everything is correct. Submit your payment
  2. After receiving a confirmation that your payment has been submitted successfully, you can leave the page and close the website if you wish

Registering for an Account

If you do not yet have a Scotts Lawn Service online account, you can get to the registration page in a similar manner as the one you would use to make an online payment.

  1. First, you will go to and click the login link that is highlighted in step 2 of the online payment section
  2. Enter your zip code, as described in step 3 and click the orange button with the arrow in it
  3. Type your customer number into the field under the “Register now” header and click the “Continue” button

Scotts Lawn Service Register

  1. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your account registration, which will result in you having a user name and password to use for online payments and viewing ordered treatments and services

Contact Scotts Lawn Service

If you encounter any issues with creating your account or making a payment, you are advised to contact Scotts Lawn Service directly. You can send them mail correspondence at:

Scotts LawnService, Customer Service

If you would like to call them instead, dial (888) 872-6887.

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Company name : Scotts LawnService
Address : P.O. Box 388 Marysville
State: OH
Zip Code : 43040
Phone Number : 1-888-872-6887

HSN credit card Payment Options

HSN Credit Card HSN or the Home Shopping Network grew into prominence since 1982. It was first launched as a television show offering small products to customers in Florida. However, in a short period of three years, the company was able to acquire national attention, and has since delivered shows, products, and services to millions of Americans. Today, it also delivers its services to clients located in as far as Europe and Asia, in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, the Philippines and Japan.

To further enhance customer experience, HSN launched its online shopping network website n 1999 through Since the site launch, they have also released a number of additional services such as loyalty cards and even credit cards (HSN Card and HSN MasterCard). HSN Credit Cards were launched in partnership with Comenity Capital Bank.

Benefits of Availing an HSN Credit Card

Customers who apply for an HSN Card enjoy VIP access from HSN. They receive benefits such as:

  • Priority services
  • Expedited processing of product returns
  • Zero annual fees
  • Flexible payments and more.

Payment options are also flexible. Read on to learn more about how to pay your bills for HSN.

HSN Credit Card Payment Options

HSN currently accepts payments through the following means: online via Comenity bank portal, by phone, and by mail.

For customers who would like to settle payments via mail, they can send their payments to Comenity Capital Bank through the following address:

Comenity Capital Bank adress payment

On the other hand, customers who would like to pay by phone can make calls to the following hotline numbers. Please note, however that a fee applies for phone services.

For HSN Card customers, you may call 888-724-6649
For HSN MasterCard customers, you may call: 866-702-9947

Pay your HSN Bill through Comenity.Net/HSN Page

For those who choose to make online payments instead of mail and phone, here is a complete guide to help you get started.

  1. Locate the HSN Card portal through d.Comenity.Net/HSN
    A screenshot of the page is found below to guide you.  HSN payment snap
  2. Enter your User Name and Password in the highlighted fields shown below to login your account.
  3. For unregistered users, simply click on the “Sign Up for Online Access” tab to register your account.
  4. A “Sign Up button is also located below the login portal.
  5. For clients interested in the HSN Card, you may click on the “Apply Now” button found on the right to start your application.

As of writing, HSN is still accepting applications for the HSN Card; however, applications for the HSN MasterCard are currently closed.

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Company name : Home shopping network
Address : 1 HSN Drive, St. Petersburg, Florida 33729.
State: Florida
Zip Code : 33729
Phone Number : 1.800.933.2887

Smile Generation Financial Card Payment through Comenity

Smile Generation logoBased in Irvine, California, USA, Smile Generation is an online website serving as a single platform where dentists and their prospective clients can meet. They have more than 200 offices across the US, in every major state like Colorado, Texas, Nevada, California and Arizona. Any patient with dental problem can log on to smilegeneration site to search for a trusted dentist in his locality. The site enlists dentists who deliver dental care on Right Fit promise only, thus ensuring that the ones you see here are trusted, skilled, certified and experienced, and use advanced care system to offer treatments and procedures.

How to find a Dentist online through smilegeneration site

At smilegeneration site, you can not only find a dentist in your area, but also book an appointment online. When you visit the site, you have to enter your zip code, city and state, and select the number of miles you can go to have your treatment. Click on ‘Find My Dentist’ button, and you will have a list of Right Fit dentists available in the area. You may also book your appointment over phone by calling their toll-free number available at the site.

At smilegeneration site, you can also manage your account and make your payments online. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to their website at
    smilegeneration snap
  • Click on ‘Financial options’, and you will be redirected to
    smilegeneration options snap
  • On the new page that opens, you have to click on ‘Smile Generation Financial’
  • You will be redirected to smilegeneration snap.
  • You can log in to the site by entering your username and password in the space provided. smilegeneration user + password areas snap.
  • Click on the ‘sign in’ button
  • Your account page will open. Here you can manage your account and make your payments over the Internet

In case of misunderstanding , please contact Smile Generation bill payment team at-

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Company name : Smile Generation Financial
Address : 4360-C E Main St Ventura
State: CA
Zip Code : 93003
Phone Number : 1-877-287-8879

Lakeland electric Bill Pay

Lakeland Electric LogoLakeland Electric is a power utility that is located in the state of Florida. It has one of the best combined cycle natural gas generators in the country. Its rates for large commercial users are the lowest and second lowest for residential. You can find all about them by logging on to

How to Pay your Lakeland Electric Bill

Lakeland Electric eBill – Paperless Billing

You can use this option and save yourself trips and hassles by:
• Logging on to page .
• Once logged in you can; Pay your bill, view you account history and view your consumption and consumption history.
• You can create a profile or simply use it for one time payments. They have convenient desktop and mobile web applications for your use as shown below

lakeland electric logo2

Pay your Lakeland Electric Bill Using the Brop Box

Payments that are made using this method must be placed there by 4 P.M. for same day processing. If done after, they will be processed the next business day. Checks or money orders made should be placed at the box which is located at the address below.
01 E. Lemon Street, Lakeland, Florida 33801.

Average billing

Here you pay a fixed amount every month and this is based on your previous 12 month usage. It includes your electric, water and waste water utilities. Using this option eliminates any fluctuations in your winter or summer bills.
To learn more about this, go to and watch this YouTube video:

Pay by mail

You can send a check or money order by mail to the address on the bottom of this page.

Pay in person.

You can personally go and pay at any of the locations below. Payment fees and time will depend on the location.

• Amscot
• Fidelity
• IPP/Softgate Systems
• Moneygram
• Western Union.

For any help you may need simply log in to their website at and contact Lakeland Electric or Lakeland Electric bill payment team at-

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Company name : Lakeland Electric
Address : P.O. BOX 32006 Lakeland
State: FL
Zip Code : 33802-2006
Phone Number : (800) 929-4876

Pay your Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS) Bill Online

Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS) LogoConsumer Portfolio Services, Inc. provides direct vehicle financing to people with low-incomes, credit problems, or past credit history disputes. Consumer Portfolio also purchases retail installment sales contracts from franchised automobile dealerships. They fund these contracts on a long-term basis through security markets. These contracts are funded on a lifetime basis.

Getting Logged in to

In order to log in to your Consumer Portfolio Services account online, you will have to provide certain information. This information is communicated from a debt collector and can be used for collection purposes. You must provide either your account number and the last four digits of your social security number or your nine digit social security number and current zip code (five digits).

Paying your Bill through

  1. Go to and click the customer access button at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Log in.
  3. Input financial information to manage your loan.
  4. Review information.
  5. Make Payment and then keep a confirmation copy for your records.

In case of any confusion, please contact Consumer Portfolio Services payment team at-

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Company name : Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.
Address : PO Box 57071 Irvine
State: CA
Zip Code : 92619
Phone Number : 888-806-2367

Upgrade and renew Sam’s Club membership online

Sam’s club LogoSam’s club is a business for Sam’s West Inc. It is was started in 1983, it inherited the name from the Walmart founder Sam Walton since then it has been managed by Walmart. Some of the things stocked in these warehouses include jewelry, designer merchandise, crystal, food, among others.

The Membership

One acquires membership for this retail, ware house clubs that operates in U.S, Brazil, China and Mexico for purchases at the club. The Sam’s Club membership gives you a chance to get benefits on what you love or may need to purchase later. United has three membership types, the Business, Savings and Plus. The Plus membership gives you discounts and offers for the services and products. One has to pay membership fees, the Club assures the members of the availability of the fees at any time of the membership period. The membership can be renewed in the club at the Membership Services desk, at any cash register, at ATM/membership outlets or online.

How to renew Sam’s club Membership online

  1.  A member should first visit Click “Sign in” at the top left corner.Sign in here
  2. This directs you to this link: in here
  3. On the left side of your page, fill in your email and password below the word “Sign in”.
  4. Once you cannot sign up for online membership, you should go to your local club and sign up from there, as it is currently with Puerto Rico.
  5. The hit “Sign in” just below the page. This now directs you to “My account” page.
  6. On this page, check on the lower left hand for “My Membership Summary”, click it.
  7. From here click “Renew My Membership”. The shipping address is likely to change to the address of the club near you as from the mother club number.
  8. You are required to pay for your renewal fees $100 for a plus membership, $45 for Sam’s business and $45 for Sam’s savings and submit the membership number.
  9. Click “change auto renewal settings” to change the settings.
  10. A dialog box comes before your window and choose Yes or No then proceed to save.

When a notification hangs on your page that states “Renew Membership” know that your membership has expired and you can follow the same steps to renew Sam’s club membership online.

Upgrading the membership

  1. On your account, go to “My Membership Summary” and click on the “Upgrade My Membership”.
  2. Choose “upgrade now” to immediately upgrade.
  3. The cost of upgrading is taken from the day you are to renew Sam’s Club membership online with portal.
  4. Check for the updated information on your summary page.
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Company name : Sam’s Club
Address : 19091 I-45 SConroe, TX 77385
State: Texas
Zip Code : 77385
Phone Number : (936) 271-1831

Capital One Auto Pay Bill Online

capital one logoCapital One is one of the most recently formed bank holding companies in the United States. Specializing in home loans, auto loans and credit cards, it was founded in 1994 in Richmond, Va. It is now headquartered in Tysons Corner, Va., and is a member of the Fortune 500.

Like any major credit company, Capital One offers convenient options for its cardholders, as well as individuals with auto loans. For those with auto loans looking to pay their bills online, there are bill pay options.

Bill payment options offered are as follows: Bill Pay

  • Clients should first visit
  • On this initial screen, make sure that auto loans is selected from the dropdown menu, enter your user ID and click continue.
  • The user will then be brought to a page to enter his/her password.
  • Once the information is entered, check to manage the account and log in.
  • On this next screen, the user can see recent credit card activity and go to Capital One pay bill.
  • If not already done so, the user must set up a transfer bank account to take the money from.
  • Once the amount is selected and a date is scheduled, the payment is made.

Other Options bill pay options expand beyond the website. Smart phone users can pay their bills on the go by accessing the website on their mobile devices, and a mobile application has been made available on some devices. Additionally, loan holders have options to check their balance and view their payment history.

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Company name : Capital One
Address : 1680 Capital One Drive McLean
State: VA
Zip Code : 22102
Phone Number : 1-703-720-2500

Use TJXRewards for your Online Shopping and Pay Your Bills

tjxrewardsTJX stores, popularly known as TJ’s in the USA, are owned and run by the TJX Companies Inc., a multinational off-price retailer of apparel and home fashion. Its stores are located in the USA, Canada, and the Europe. Being an off-price retailer, it offers a multitude of products at attractive prices, making it one of the most popular retail brands in the world, and one with a huge customer base in developed countries.

Anyone can buy goods from TJ’s but it offers special privileges and benefits to its registered members. Registration at TJX is not only beneficial for the customer but it also helps TJX to manage its customers database and provide services to individual customers according to their test, habits, and budgets.

A member customer can apply for TJXRewards card. It is a credit card issued by MasterCard for buying TJX products and making payments. TJXRewards can be also be used for online shopping and paying bills online. A TJXRewards holder is entitled to all the services that a regular MasterCard holder gets. Most of TJX customers use TJXRewards to buy and pay online, as besides convenience, the customer gets ‘rewards’ for using the card every time.

Pay Your Tjxrewards.Com Bill Online

There is a separate website where one can log into his TJX account and use TJXRewards card. It is beneficial to use pay bill facility to pay bills online as rewards accrue with each usage. If you already have a TJXRewards card, go to www.tjxrewards.comand click on the arrow next to Have a Card and log into your account. One can also apply for a TJXRewards card by clicking on Get a Card.

To get answers to your queries, remove confusion, or to address any other issues, you can call TJX’s customer care, send email or write to them at:

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Company name : TJXRewards
Phone Number : TJX Rewards Platinum MasterCard – 18778903150 | TJX Rewards Credit card – 18009526133

How to pay Scott LawnService bills online LogoScott LawnService is an Ohio based company that provides lawn care services all over the USA. The company provides complete tree&shrub care and pest control which includes monitoring and maintaining the lawn.

Scott Lawn service customers have the access to horticulture experts to which they can consult and get advice and tips.  These and other services can be availed online, and the company, when a request for services is made on its website, can even send its team to attend to customers’ houses located in the remote countryside.

If you are a registered customer, you can find all the details regarding your account online at It is very easy: log on to www. It is the direct address to the account log in page. Enter your username and password to access your accountwhich contains the address of your lawn, its size, and other relevant details.

If you are not a registered customer, you will have to log on to the website’s home page You can get a quote by entering the address at which your lawn is located, its size, and type of services your are looking for.

On, all the information related to lawns and how to take care of them is present.There is a remarkable collection of useful information regarding trees and shrubs under the name Lawnopedia.

You can contact Scotts LawnService through the website or write to them at the following address

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Company name : Scotts LawnService
Address : P.O. Box 388 Marysville
State: OH
Zip Code : 43040
Phone Number : 1-888-872-6887