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ADP Self Service Portal

ADP LogoADP stands for Automatic Data Processing. It provides many services to the dealers of automobile etc. ADP allows users to have all information combined about ther payrol in one place so that it could be controlled in an effective and efficient manner.

From fundamental payroll to Human Capital Management, ADP’s inclusive solutions take the employees from hiring them to retiring, keeps things much simpler, accessible and easy to manage.

ADP Online Payment

The easiest and the fastest way to pay your ADP bills make your payment online. For that you’ll be required to visit this website and go through the instruction listed below.

With this payment method you will be able to pay your preimume for Cobra ADP plan. It’s absolutely free, very secure and easy.

Within a very short time, you can set up your ADP account and start to pay your bills online. You just need to have:

A Profile with your account information and an Internet connection – Payment Account is important too.

*ADP Online Payment is as we mentioned, free of any fee.

How to begin Step by Step:

  • To pay your bill and to have Participant Billing Profile, you’ll be needing a copy of your billing statement to establish your. Check can also be convenient to have bank account information. Navigate to this URL:
  • Make your profile within the section of login.
  • Enter your last name which is on the billing statement.
  • Now, enter the Social Security Number mentioned on the billing statement.
  • Enter your date of birth in mm, dd, yr etc
  • To sign in click on “Login”
  • Verification – verify all of your details. To make your verification Provide the following numbers.
    Account type. Banking Information. Routing Number. “Account Code” located on the bottom of your billing statement. “Product Code” located on the bottom of your billing. “Event Code” located on bottom of your billing statement.
  • Now click on the option of “make payment”.

Note: If you get two different billing statements from ADP each month, you must set up two profiles for paying your bills.

In case of any misunderstanding, please contact Self Service Portal ADP at-

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Company name : ADP
Address : 10 Inverness Center Parkway Birmingham
State: AL
Zip Code : 35242
Phone Number : (800) 225-5237

Check Bill Pay

Check LogoCheck is an application that aids in paying bills. The application monitors a person’s bank account and credit cards and lets you know whenever your bills are due or you’re running out of funds. The application sends you a reminder whenever your bills are due giving you an option to pay the bill. You can immediately pay the bill or set the payment to be made later. It not only makes payment of the bills fast and easy; it also provides this service securely allowing you to make your payments without worrying about how secure your information is.

Pay your Bills with

  • To make your check bill pay, you will be required to enter the recipient of the account, the amount to be paid and when it is to be paid.
  • From the overview screen, select the “payments due” option then select the “pay” button that is below the bill you want to pay.
  • The next step is to select your preferred way of making the payment, enter the amount you are paying, the date of payment, then select the “pay bill button” to confirm the payment.
  • You will see a message confirming the successful scheduling of your payment.

The portal offers a payment option for many service providers in the US that will help that require customers to pay bills monthly. This Method is one of the most convenient and easy to use service available.

The payment gateway only works for those companies that are listed on the website homepage and can be accessed through the phone or a computer. The website is secure to handle transaction without the company nor the customer worrying about loosing their money.

To register for check bill pay, go to and enter the details as shown below.


To sign in for check bill pay  one can use the link below and follow the screen shot to sign in the account.



In case of any counfusion, please contact bill payment team at-

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Company name : Check Inc.
Address : P.O. Box 60824 Palo Alto
State: CA
Zip Code : 94306
Phone Number : 888-536-4801
Website :