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Prevention Magazine Payment

prevention LogoPrevention Magazine – American health magazine that is about 65 years old. The magazine is sharing special health information that help readers learn on smart ways to live. Generations later, they are dedicated to preventing illness and highlighting future about health, happiness, and healing. The magazine now is about advising on fitness, weight loss and nutrition that help you manage your health.

The Customer service link which can be accessed through paybill allows for online payment and other account related activities. In order to make the online payment, the customer is required to have an account number at hand that is 10 digits long and is always indicated on the invoice.

To successfully pay for the magazine online, the customer is required to have a credit card which could be MasterCard, Visa, Novus/Discover or American Express. In case the customer has stopped their subscription through paybill they are given a refund and the remaining copies that are yet to be emailed are cancelled.

Prevention magazine account number

To access your account log in to t the instructions shown below and you will be able to enjoy the account activities.

Prevention login page

To register for Prevention paybill follow the screenshot below to subscribe for the magazine and issue the required information which has to be verified from your email address so that you are able to use the account.

prevention registration page

Activities in the online account:

  • renew a subscription
  • change or update account details
  • update or add a new credit card
  • view recent account activity

Customers are able to access the account summary that provide information about Prevention magazine subscription that include name, address, start date and expiration date of the subscription and email address.

How to Order

One can order for the Prevention magazine online or contact the sales representative via phone that are available on weekdays through toll free number 877-MAG-GIFT and receive your copy.

In case of any kind of confusion or misunderstanding, you can always call to Prevention magazine bill payment team or mail them at- 

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Company name : Prevention
Address : PO Box 26299 Lehigh Valley
State: PA
Zip Code : 18002-6299
Phone Number : 800-813-8070