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Online Payments to Kentucky Farm Bureau

Kentucky Farm Bureau LogoAn organization based on farm owner advocacy, the Kentucky Farm Bureau also offers a number of services to its members, who are for the most part farm owners and people who are a part of the farming communities of Kentucky. Along with helping vocalize through public forums and discussions the political wants and needs of those who supply various stores and markets with produce, dairy and other consumable goods, the Kentucky Farm Bureau offers a number of services to its members.

These services include a large collection of things for members to take advantage of. For the most part, members use the Kentucky Farm Bureau for insurance that can cover a number of products, including automobile and other forms of insurance, but they also have a host of interesting other perks as well. For instance, these other benefits like financial goal setting along the lines of estate planning and commodity trading as well as community outreach type programs like public affairs and activities surrounding women’s leadership.

Even after all of this, they still continue to come up with new ideas for farmers’ advocacy and spreading of information. These include classes and meetings as well as more far-reaching actions like producing and distributing a national TV show called ‘Bluegrass & Backroads.’

But, if you are on this web page, there is a good chance that you already know a ton about what the Kentucky Farm Bureau has to offer and you are just looking for a way to make your payment online. If so, continue reading the guide below for account creation and how to log in for online account management. Also, all of this information is presented under the assumption that you are already a subscriber to one of the insurance programs offered by the KFB.

Online Account Registration

There are a number of benefits to registering for online access to your KFB account. You can make payments on your membership dues and insurance premiums, print your insurance cards, check out everything offered through membership and view all of your policies in one place. To begin registration, go to the KFB online registration page. Simply follow the prompts on the screen and enter any requested information to complete your account creation, starting with your policy number and a security slide check:

Kentucky Farm Bureau Registration

Make an Online Payment to Kentucky Farm Bureau

  1. Go to the pay online page. You can get there by clicking the link at the bottom of this page in the green contact box or by clicking here
  2. Enter your email address and password into the “Please Login” box, then slide the unlock slider from the left to the right. Click the “Login to my.KYFB” button

Kentucky Farm Bureau Login

  1. Choose the policy you would like to make a payment toward and select bill payment
  2. Enter your payment information as prompted and submit your payment
  3. Upon verification that your account has successfully been paid, you may leave the site
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Company name : Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance
Address : PO Box 856045 Louisville
State: KY
Zip Code : 40285-6045
Phone Number : (502) 495-5000

Make a Globe Life Insurance Bill Payment Online

Globe Life LogoWith over sixty years of offering insurance coverage to its customers in the United States, the Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company has, over time, become one of the larger providers of this specialized type of insurance plans. They provide full and term life insurance, accidental death, mortgage protection and more that are available to cover adults, children and grandchildren. While we hope that you never actually have to use the services provided by Globe Life, it is always a smart choice to stay protected in the off chance that you do.

To make a payment on your account, the following guide will walk you through both online account creation and logging in to make a payment.

Registering for Online Access for Your Globe Life Insurance Policy

For those of you who have not already gone through the process of creating an online account to go along with your Globe Life insurance plan, you should consider taking these steps to get one created. Not only can you make an online payment, which is convenient enough as a benefit, but you will be able to view your policy information at any time, save new quotes to your account and more.

To begin the registration process, head over to the Globe Life eService Center’s registration page. From there, you will be asked to choose login credentials, then verify who you are by entering information pertinent to your account. Continue going through the forms and agreements until your account is created and you can move on to the next section and make an online payment through logging in.

Make an Online Payment to Globe Life Insurance

  1. Using your internet browser, head to the web address by copying it into a new browser window or tab or by clicking the link in the green contact box near the end of this page
  2. Click one of the links on the page that says “Customer Log In”

Globe Life Insurance Splash

  1. Input your email address and password into the two text fields in the middle of the screen and click the blue “Login” button

Globe Life Insurance eservice center login

  1. Once logged in to your policy, go to the premium payment section of the site
  2. When prompted to do so, select your payment date and amount to pay as well as your checking account number and your bank’s routing number. Verify that these details are correct and submit your insurance premium payment to Globe Life
  3. Once you have received a confirmation that your payment has been successfully processed or scheduled, you can shut down your browser or navigate away from the website
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Company name : Globe Life & Accident Insurance Company, Globe Life Center
Address : 204 N Robinson Ave
State: Oklahoma City, OK
Zip Code : 73102
Phone Number : 1-888-650-4081

Paying Your Wawanesa Insurance Bill and Making Claims

Wawanesa Insurance LogoCovering customers from various parts of North America’s west coast, Wawanesa Insurance offers coverage for life, auto and residential. Compared to companies like State Farm, Progressive and Geico, Wawanesa Insurance is fairly small, which has actually helped it earn a lot of favor from a number of customers.

For those of you who are Wawanesa Insurance customers that need to either make a payment online or make an auto insurance claim, this guide will walk you through the process.

Pay Your Insurance Premium Online

Wawanesa Insurance customers can easily make a payment through the company’s payment portal. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Wawanesa Insurance payment portal by clicking the link in the green box at the bottom of this page
  2. Use the dropdown box at the top right part of the screen to select your region. Your choices are California, Quebec, Oregon and Life (for those who’re paying their life insurance policy)

Wawanesa Insurance Select Location

  1. Enter your seven-digit policy number and your last name into the boxes on the right side of the screen, then click the blue “Login” button

Welcome to Wawanesa Insurance Login

  1. With your account open, click the bill payment option
  2. Choose your payment method and enter your details as prompted by the Wawanesa Insurance website
  3. Verify your payment options and finalize your payment


Pay Your Bill Through the Mail

For those who would like to make a Wawanesa Insurance payment through the mail, there are two addresses that it can be sent to. One is for American residents (from Oregon and California) and the other is for Wawanesa customers who live in Canada.

The address for Wawanesa’s California and Oregon customers to send their check to, including the bill stub, is:

Wawanesa General Insurance
PO Box 85048
San Diego, CA 92186-5048

Canadian residents must send their payments to this address:

CP/PO Box 1530
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2Z4

Make an Auto Insurance Claim Online

If you have found yourself in a situation where you need to make a claim for an auto collision or accident, you can do so online at Wawanesa Insurance Create a Claim Report – Automobile page.

To complete the form, you will need to input a substantial amount of information, so be prepared with all of your personal details and make sure to have your policy number, the date and time of the loss, the location of the accident, and any information available regarding the police report. There is also a space for you to write out what occurred during the accident so you can explain your side of the story, it is always recommended that you fill these out when something occurs.

After submitting your claim, a Wawanesa Insurance agent will get in touch with you about the incident and will help you through the process.

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Company name : Wawanesa Insurance
Address : 9050 Friars Road San Diego
State: CA
Zip Code : 92108
Phone Number : 1-800-640-2920

Online Auto and Motorcycle Geico Insurance Payments

Geico LogoWith one of the most memorable mottos in the history of advertising (“In 15 minutes, Geico can save you 15 percent or more on auto insurance”) combined with one of the most beloved mascots in commercialism (the Geico gecko), Geico has become an incredibly popular choice in auto insurance the last couple decades. Their savvy marketing and remarkably competitive auto insurance rates also mean they will likely remain a top contender for years to come.

Geico insurance policy holders can make their payments online by either logging in or using the Geico Express system, both of which are discussed in the guide below.

Make a Payment Online (Via Log In)

  1. Navigate to the Geico “Manage Your Policy” page by clicking the link in the green company contact box, which you can find at the bottom of this page
  2. Enter your User ID and Password into the two fields at the middle of the screen and click the “Remember me” checkbox if you want to – Geico offers a wonderful explanation of who should and should not click the “Remember me” box, so if you are not sure, click that link and read the window that pops up – then click the orange text that says “Log In”

Geico Bill Pay Login

  1. Once logged in, navigate to make a payment
  2. Where prompted, enter your payment method and input your payment amount and date. Submit the payment after verifying that your information is correct
  3. After receiving a confirmation that your payment has successfully been scheduled, you can close the Geico “Manage Your Policy” site

Make a Payment Online (No Log In)

If you would like to make a payment without logging in to the Geico website, you can do so at the Geico Express payment page. After the page loads up, select from the dropdown box how you would like to identify yourself – the choices are phone number, SSN or policy number. Enter your chosen number then fill out the other two fields: Zip code and the security text. Click the “Continue” button.

Geico Bill Pay No Login

From there, choose to pay your bill and enter your payment information when requested to do so by the site. Submit your payment and verify that your details were correct, then finalize the payment submission. After that, your payment is complete and you can close your browser or leave the site, though we recommend that if you are going to continue using the internet that you close the browser you had the Geico Express site on and just open a new browser altogether.

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Company name : GEICO Insurance
Address : P.O BOX 20810
State: Bethesda, MD
Zip Code : 20810-0001
Phone Number : 18009328872

Manage My The General Policy and Bill Pay

The General Insurance LogoAlthough they might have a collection of rather silly television commercials, The General Insurance takes their insurance services quite seriously. And, as foolish as the ads might seem, the public has been eating them up considering the company has been expanding fairly rapidly these days, though much of that probably also has to do with the consistently low premium payments offered by the company.

If you have a policy with The General Insurance and need to make a payment or set up recurring payments for your premium, you can easily do so online by following the instructions presented in this guide:

Pay The General Insurance Online

Accessing your The General Insurance account online will require you to register for and create login credentials for the website. To begin your registration, go to the MyPolicy Self Service registration page and type the last seven digits of your insurance policy number into this box then click the orange “Continue” button:

 PGAC Register

After entering your policy number, you will move into account setup, which will ask you to create your login credentials as well as answer a few other prompts. After that, your account registration is complete and you can move on to online payments:

  1. At the bottom of this page, you will find a link in a green box that has the contact information for The General Insurance after the “Website:” label, click that link
  2. The General Insurance MyPolicy Self Service website will load in a new window. Enter your account number or the email address you signed up with into the top box and, in the bottom box, type in your password. Select whether or not you want the site to store your login info and then click the orange “Login” button

PGAC Login

  1. Once logged in, make your way to account management and navigate to policy payments
  2. Enter your payment information as requested by The General Insurance. For most people, this step will also mean setting up recurring payments, which is advised for anything involving insurance as a lapse can mean serious problems later on. Verify that your payment information is correct and submit it
  3. You should receive a notification that your one-time or scheduled payment has been set up. After this, you may leave the site

To Receive a Quote on Auto Insurance

If you are here looking for information on how to get a premium quote from The General Insurance, you can do so over the phone by calling (866) 519-7422 or online at

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Company name : The General Insurance
Address : P.O. Box 305076 Nashville
State: TN
Zip Code : 37230-5076
Phone Number : 1-866-519-7422

Banner Life Insurance Bill Pay

Legal and General LogoLegal & General is an insurance provider that now owns the companies Banner Insurance and William Penn. Under the label Legal & General America, the procurement of these two companies has allowed Legal & General an influential stake in the American insurance market, and they will likely further expansion into the United States.


Although they are technically under the same Legal & General label, it is uncertain whether there is much crossover between William Penn and Banner policies, so you should be careful that you handle everything under the name your policy came from, just to be on the safe side.

Policy holders looking to manage their accounts online can do so by following the directions printed below.

Create Your Login Name and Password

Since Legal & General has combined the services of William Penn and Banner, there are two separate registration pages that you will need to choose from depending on who your insurance policy originated from.

William Penn online account registration page

Banner Insurance online account registration page

When the registration page for your insurance provider loads, enter your policy number and Social Security number (or Tax Identification number) into the boxes in the middle of the page and click the “Submit” button.

This will be followed by a series of questions that will help you get your account set up for online policy management. Take note of your user ID and password if you use something that you have difficulty remembering.

Log In for Online Premium Payments

Whether your premium is named under Banner Life or William Penn, the steps for logging in are similar enough that they can both be followed (even with the same images) with the same steps of instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Legal & General America website. You can find the link to get there in the contact area at the bottom of this page, which is a green box that displays their address, phone number and website
  2. Click the box that has the name of the insurance company that you received your policy through, as shown here:

Legal and General Insurance Splash

  1. At the bottom left of the screen (you may have to scroll down to see it), click the link that says “My Policy”

Legal and General Insurance Splash 2

  1. Enter your user ID and password into the text entry boxes on the left side of the page and click the grey “Login” button

Legal and General Login

  1. You should now be logged in and can manage your account, schedule payments, edit your personal information and more
(5 raters, 18 scores, average: 3.60 out of 5)
Company name : Banner Life Insurance
Address : 3275 Bennett Creek Avenue Frederick
State: Maryland
Zip Code : 21704
Phone Number : 800-638-8428

Access Your Homesite Insurance Policy and Pay your Bill

Homesite LogoFocusing primarily in renter, condo and home insurance, Homesite allows its customers the chance to customize their coverage through a series of options that has made the company receive high marks for customer service and affordability. And, as Homesite works only with property insurance plans, they are real experts when it comes to what you might need when it comes to your location and the dangers to your home.

If you are a Homesite customer and would like to make a premium payment online, the following instructions will walk you through, step-by-step, to getting it taken care of in an easy and timely manner.

Making an Online Payment

  1. Navigate to the website by clicking that link on the green box on the bottom of this page or typing the address into your browser’s address bar
  2. Click the red “Claims & Policy” square at the top of the splash screen, shown here:

Homesite Home Insurance Splash

  1. In the right-hand column titled “View your policy” there is a button that says “View now” at the bottom. Click it

Homesite Claims and Policy Portal

  1. Enter your email address and password into the text entry boxes shown. Click the button labeled “Sign In”

Homesite Login Screen

  1. In the account summary, you should see a link to bill or premium payment. Navigate to that section of the site and enter your payment information as instructed by the Homesite dashboard. When typing in your payment information like bank account and routing numbers, amount to pay and date of payment, verify that everything is accurate as cancelling payments can be difficult, especially if you accidentally overpay
  2. After you receive confirmation that your payment through the Homesite website has been successfully processed or scheduled, you can leave the site, browse through your policy or simply close down your internet browser

Registering an Online Account

Using steps 1 through 3, you can start the Homesite online account registration process on the Sign In page shown above. In the “Sign Up” boxes, enter your last name, policy number, birthday and zip code into the fields provided and click the “Continue” button to begin your account creation.

Homesite Registration Start

When filling out the forms and agreeing to the documents shown, you will also enter your email address and create a password, which will be used to log in to the site as described earlier.

Contact Customer Service

If you need to talk with someone at Homesite, you can reach them by dialing (800) 466-3748. If you prefer to discuss your problem through email, you can contact them at [email protected]

(5 raters, 18 scores, average: 3.60 out of 5)
Company name : Homesite
Address : One Federal Street Boston
State: MA
Zip Code : 02110
Phone Number : 1-800-466-3748

How to Pay Your Globe Life Insurance Policy Online

Globe Life Logo and Company NameHaving offered insurance coverage since the early 1950s, Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company is one of the larger providers of coverage for accidents and healthcare in the United States. The coverages they offer include term life and whole life for adults, life insurance for children and grandchildren, accidental death insurance and mortgage protection.

To make a payment to Globe Life online through their payment portal (linked in the instructions), you can do so by following the steps listed below. And, if you have any questions or comments for Globe Life, leave them through the contact link as discussed in the last section of this guide.

Making Online Payments

  1. With your preferred internet browser, go to the website eServiceCenter.GlobeonTheweb.Com (link on the bottom of this page) by clicking on the link or typing the address into your browser address bar
  2. Enter your email address and password into the fields in the middle of the screen and click the Login button. Note: If you have yet to register an account, go to the section of this guide titled “If Needed – Account Registration” and follow the instructions there. After that, return here to complete payment steps

Globe Life Login Page

  1. Navigate to premium payment
  2. Enter your payment information when requested. This will include payment amount, payment date and your banking institutions routing number and your checking or savings account number
  3. Look over the information you have provided and, when you are satisfied that it is all correct, submit your payment to Globe Life

If Needed – Account Registration

In case you have not created an account for online access to your Globe Life insurance account, you must do so before taking the steps listed above. Click here to get started. You will beging the registration process by entering the information that you will use to log in to the site, as mentioned in step two of the payment instructions. From there, click the blue Continue button and enter any other information requested to complete the registration process:

Globe Life Account Creation

Once your account is created and you can login, you will be able to look over your insurance policy, update contact information and pay your bill among other actions.


If you experience any problems with the Globe Life payment portal or you have any questions about your account, you may contact them online through their service form, which is available by clicking here. Starting with your name (which is labeled as “Insured”) and your policy number as well as some other identifying and contact information, submit your question and Globe Life will get back to you shortly.

(3 raters, 12 scores, average: 4.00 out of 5)
Company name : Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company
Address : Globe Life Center, Oklahoma City
State: Oklahoma
Zip Code : 73184
Phone Number : 1-888-650-4081

Make an AAA Insurance Payment

aaa logoThe largest automobile club in the United States, AAA has expanded its reach over the years since its inception and has become a large provider of both auto insurance, which makes sense, and has even moved into financial offerings like credit cards, which can be a little surprising. Still, the organization remains a favorite amongst automobile operators across America for their stellar customer service and competitive rates.

If you want to make a payment on your AAA insurance premium, you may do so by following the guide below.

Online Account Registration

Before you can access and pay your insurance premium through AAA’s online account management, you are going to have to register for an online account. To get going on the registration, visit From there, you will be redirected to your local club’s website where you will be able to register your account. The registration link should be near the login boxes. In most cases, you will begin the registration process by entering your account number and zip code, like this:

aaa register

After your online access has been set up, you may use the following directions to pay your insurance bill online.

AAA Insurance Payment Online

  1. Navigate to the website by clicking the link on the bottom of this page to open a new tab or window or by typing the URL into browser’s address bar
  2. With AAA having recently redone their online experience for its customers, the site will ask you to redirect yourself to the new website. Click the link shown here:

AAA4Insurance Redirect

  1. Upon getting to the new website, you will be asked to enter your zip code into the box at the bottom of this pop-up screen. After filling in your zip code, click the “Go” button

AAA Location Finder

  1. The next site that loads will be the AAA club that is situated closest to your location
  2. The page you are on should have a login area with two text entry boxes labeled “Username” and “Password.” Enter these login credentials into the fields provided and click the “Log In” or “Sign In” (whichever the page your own says) button.
  3. Navigate to the insurance bill payment or account summary of the AAA club’s website you are in
  4. Enter your payment information into the fields provided after you have input how much you want to pay toward your bill. Verify that your input information is correct and submit the payment
  5. You should see a payment verification screen and, once you do, you can close down the AAA website or navigate away from it
(2 raters, 8 scores, average: 4.00 out of 5)
Company name : American Automobile Association (Northern California, Nevada and Utah)
Phone Number : 1-888-929-2911

Progressive Insurance Bill Payment Options

progressive logoSince the introduction of the advertising character Flo in their commercials, the popularity of Progressive Corporation has boomed quite remarkably. The company is most well known for their automobile insurance, but they also insure nearly every other kind of physical property available, including homes, watercraft, recreational vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and more.

If you have Progressive as your insurance provider, there are a handful of ways available to you for making payments on your account, including two different ways to handle payments online. To find out more about your options for policy payments, continue reading.

Bill Pay Online (No Login)

  1. Go to the bill pay website in a new window or tab by clicking that link
  2. There are two links that will take you to the same page that you want to be at. They are both labeled “Make a Payment” but they are a little small. You can find and click them as highlighted in this image:

progressiveagent splash

  1. Enter either the email address that you have provided to progressive for paperless communications or your policy number into the first box. Enter your zip code into the second box and, finally, input the birthday of any of the covered drivers on your insurance policy and click the “Continue” button

progressive payment portal login

  1. Enter your payment information and follow any prompts given by the website while verifying that all information you’re putting in is accurate so as to ensure it’s your account that gets credited with payment. Finalize the payment submission
  2. You can close the website window when you receive a message informing you of a successful payment

Bill Pay Online (With Login)

If you have already gone through the registration process for online account management with the Progressive Corporation, you can login with your selected credentials and make a payment through the website’s account dashboard. If you have yet to do so and would like to register, click here.

The login page to go through the online payment process is available by clicking this Progressive login link. From there you can set up a preferred payment option, automatic payments, manage and modify your insurance policy and more.

Bill Payment by Phone

If online bill payment just isn’t your thing, you can call Progressive Corporation to get your bill paid on time. They have two numbers, one specifically for California and one for every other state in America. To call the California-only number, dial 800-300-3693. For everybody else in the United States, dial 800-876-5581.

(5 raters, 20 scores, average: 4.00 out of 5)
Company name : The Progressive Corp.
Address : Mayfield Village
State: Ohio
Zip Code : 44143
Phone Number : 1-800-776-4737