Burkes Outlet Credit Card Payments

Burkes Outlet Credit CardThe story behind Burkes Outlet is a little confusing, but it begins with the department store Bealls. Technically, Bealls and Burkes Outlet are the exact same place, but where Bealls (the one based out of Florida) is in locations where there might be another Bealls (the one based out of Texas), the former becomes a Burkes Outlet. Either way, Burkes Outlet offers up affordable department store shopping in a casual atmosphere, which has made it a good choice for those looking for any number of products.

If you have a Burkes Outlet credit card and need to make a payment, you can do so by following the directions on this page.

Online Account Registration

Before you can actually go through the log in process and make your payment, you will need to create an account through Comenity Bank for your Burkes Outlet credit card. To do this, go to the registration page (this link will open in a new window) and fill out the forms as requested. Having your Burkes Outlet credit card account number available will make the process easier and, if you have it, click “Yes” on the initial question and then enter the last four of your SSN as well as your zip code, then click the “Continue” button:

Burkes Outlet Card Register

After creating your online access account, you may follow the directions below to complete your online payment.

Logging in for Bill Payment

  1. Visit the Burkes Outlet payment portal by clicking the link in the green box at the bottom of this page
  2. In the boxes on the left side of the screen, enter your user name and password. To stay logged in to the site for 30 days, you can check the box next to “Remember me,” then when ready click the red “Sign In” button

Burkes Outlet Card Login

  1. Once you are logged in to the Account Center, navigate to the bill pay section
  2. Enter your payment method and any of the details pertinent to it. Once you have verified that your information is correct, submit your payment. You will then verify your options and finalize the payment on your Burkes Outlet credit card
  3. Once you have received a confirmation that your payment has either successfully been processed or scheduled, feel free to leave the site whenever you want

In-Store Payments

If you would prefer to go to a Burkes Outlet store to make your payment (and maybe get a little shopping done), you can find the one nearest you by visiting the Burkes Outlet store locator. Simply speak with one of the cashiers about paying your bill in the store and they will help you get it taken care of.

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Company name : Burkes Outlet
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State: GA
Zip Code : 30143
Phone Number : 1-866-308-0681

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