How to Pay Your Boscov’s Credit Card Bill

Boscov's Credit CardsAs fully stocked as one would expect from a brand-name department store, Boscov’s has a little bit of everything to keep everyone in the family happy. From toys and shoes to handbags and decoration, the competitive pricing is a breath of fresh air.

If you have a Boscov’s credit card and are looking for how to make you payment online, you can do so by following the directions listed below:

Make a Payment Online

  1. Use the link in the green contact box at the bottom of this page to visit the payment portal for Boscov’s credit card
  2. Click the button that says “Manage My Account” as highlighted here:

Boscovs Credit Card Online Enrollment abcde

  1. Enter your user name and password into the labeled boxes . Click “Remember me” to have the site store your login credentials, then click the “Sign In” button

Boscov's Log In

  1. Navigate to bill payment. Enter your banking details, and fill all questions asked by the website.
  2. Submit the payment and verify your details are all correct, then finalize your payment submission

Account Registration

As you have probably already surmised due to the instructions above, you are required to complete the application for online registration. To get to the form, click the same link as the one described in step the first step above and then click the “Enroll’ button at the bottom of the right column  of this Enroll page.

The enrollment page is one long form that you will be required to fill in entirely to create your account. The top box Enrollment Details is the only form that may actually take a bit of time as the rest of the boxes are divvied into one or two questions.

The additional parts of the enrollment process inclBoscovs Credit Card Online Enrollmentude choosing how you will receive your billing statement and setting up your mobile and email alerts. While entering your mobile phone number is optional, we recommend putting it into the field. This is especially advised if you are planning on using mobile payments or receiving text alerts.

Make a Payment Over the Phone

If you would like to make your Boscov’s credit card payment over the phone, call the phone number printed on the back of your credit card and follow the options to talk to a live customer service representative.

To be able to talk to an agent, you must call during certain hours. Customer service representatives are available from:

Monday – Friday:             7 am to 11 pm Central Time.
Saturday:                             7 am to 8 pm Central Time
Sunday :                               8 am to 6 pm central time

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Company name : Boscov’s
Address : 4500 Perkiomen Ave.
State: Reading, PA
Zip Code : 19606
Phone Number : 1-800-755-7872

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