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7 Times Square New York,

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[email protected]

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Ann Inc. a highly valued apparel retail chain store for women that is initially headquartered in New York is a store that offers a vast variety of first class styled dresses, suits, separates, accessories and shoes. The brand runs its marketing fewer than four specific divisions called;

  1. Ann Taylor,
  2. LOFT,
  3. Ann Taylor Factory
  4. and LOFT Outlet

Ann Taylor was developed in the 1954s with an aim to provide better clothing to targeted elite career women. On the other hand LOFT which originally is called Ann Taylor LOFT was made in 1996 as an addition of Ann Taylor brand. Its goal was to cater to offices and homes with relaxed fashion furniture. It contained a regular copy of the furniture displayed at Ann Taylor. However now LOFT has its own unique style and caters to the younger and new crowd.

Ann Taylor Factory, on the other hand carries reduced prices products, along with Ann Taylor Factory inventory. And lastly, Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet contains a LOFT-based Outlet ambient, parallel to the existing Ann Taylor Factory stores, but with unique LOFT Outlet commodities kept from the popular and best-selling LOFT brands.

Currently, there are 36 such stores in US. Ann Inc also runs specialty business for its customers to lead a luxurious life by providing all party wear dresses to special occasion clothing through its Ann Taylor Celebrations Specialty collection along with fragmented bath and body products in its Ann Taylor Beauty products. Other Special collections include LOFT Maternity and An Taylor Collections.

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