How to Pay Your Best Buy Credit Card Bill

best buy credit cardAs the largest physical consumer electronics retailer in the US, Best Buy sells a large number of goods including computers, televisions, sound systems and much more. Originally created as an audio-focused shop in Minnesota in 1966 and rebranded as Best Buy in 1983, the retail chain now makes over $10 billion annually through its 1,500 stores spread across the globe. The company’s various credit cards have likewise grown in popularity and various types and plans are available.


Best Buy credit cards provide numerous options for you to pay your bill, including the preferred method online.

Pay Your Best Buy Invoice in Stores

If you frequent Best Buy’s retail locations or must pay your invoice with cash, the easiest way for you to pay your bill is at the customer service counters available at each of the chain’s stores. You must present your Best Buy credit card, a copy of the bill or provide identifying personal information so the staff ensures that what you pay goes into the proper account. This is the Best Buy store locator for your convenience

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Pay Best Buy Credit Card by Mail

Best Buy will allow you to pay your bill by standard mail. However, they have multiple service centers and the address you need to send your payment to will vary depending on a location, card type and more. To ensure your bill gets processed correctly, you must send the payment to the address that is available on your statement.

If you pay by mail, ensure your account number is written on the check to make sure the proper account is credited. The mail address is listed at the bottom of this page.


Paying Your Statement by Phone

To pay your Best Buy statement by phone, call (888) 574-1301. When calling, you will be guided through an easy-to-follow automated system that will ask for your account number and check payment information, which can be found on a valid check.


Pay Best Buy Credit Card Online

Paying a Best Buy credit card online is the preferred method for most cardholders. Your account must be registered online before online payments are available, though. You can register your card by clicking here, then fill in the form.


If you would like to pay online, these steps will instruct you how:

  1. Go to the page and login with your User ID and Password and choose “Make a Payment” from the dropdown box below the login. login sanp
  1. Choose how much of the statement you want to pay.
  1. Input a payment date for processing.
  1. Ensure that your payment details are correct.
  1. Submit your payment and wait for the payment verification screen. Payments made online to Best Buy credit cards are normally posted between 24 hours and five business days.


Setting Up Recurring Payments

If you would like to set up automatic payments in lieu of manually paying your statements every month, you can opt to do so through as well. Any recurring payments can be modified or halted once set up.

If You Run Into Problems

Best Buy is known for their customer service, and, should you have any issues with paying your bill at, call them at (888) 237-8289 or visit their customer service webpage by clicking here.

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