Barneys Credit Card Payment Options

Barneys logoBarneys is one of the biggest department stores, located in new-york. It offers the best in fashion and it has many store locations all over the US.

Barneys New York Credit Card is offered to its customers to be used in its stores and you can pay this credit card bill online. We will guide you how to apply to this card and a step by step guide to pay your Barneys card bill.

What you need to apply for Barneys credit card,

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have a valid photo ID
  • Social security number
  • Credit worthy
  • Agree to have the information submitted to be shared with Barneys

Barneys credit card bill payment is handled by Comenity bank. To access this service visit barneysnewyork SNAP

Payments made online before 6pm are credited on the same day whereas those done after are credited on the next business day or scheduled day. It takes 2 days for the transfer to be completed. For Mastercard / Visa credit cards it takes 7-10 days for them to be credited.

You can view and search over 1000 transactions though no statements are shown for months which had no balances. Manage your payment settings and update your stored account settings.

Here is how you pay your Barneys bill online

Automatic payments

This is where a deduction to your checking or savings account is done automatically. You can schedule payment of minimum due, other amount or my balance. The funds are then deducted at the requested time without fail. To use this feature, must login with your user name and password to your Comenity bank account, click the “automatic payment” link at the top menu.

Pay in person

You can pay at any of Barneys New Yorks’s stores. Here is a link to find the nearest  Barneys store location

There are also options available for you to pay by phone and also pay by mail. The phone number and the address to use are in the bottom of this page.

If you still need help paying your Barneys credit card bill, don’t hesitate and contact them at-

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Company name : Barneys
Address : P.O. Box 326 Lyndhurst
State: NJ
Zip Code : 07071
Phone Number : 1-800-926-5393

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