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Baltimore gas and electric LogoBaltimore Gas and Electric Company has been in existence since 1816, the Company has been a leading provider of electricity and gas in central Maryland and beyond.The company targets to lead in delivering quality services and meet the customer’s needs and expectations.The company also has a number of initiatives targeting to save energy through conservation and management. It teaches its customers on such kind practices to help protect the surroundings and minimize the impacts related to this operations. The following are some of the initiatives the company is working on:

  1.  Improve and maintain their mechanical structures to reduce the happening of length outages along their systems. One can call 800.685.0123 in case of an emergency.
  2. Regular in servicing of their workers and operators to ensure that they are updated to the current and efficient way of operations.
  3. Introduction of smart meters that work on a two way communication basis between the user information and BGE headquarters.
  4. The BGE Smart Energy Savers Program that is the main initiative to minimise energy uses. This has seen them provide a monthly magazine that reminds a customer on how to conserve and utilise energy.

Wildlife, plants and forests conservation measures as seen in its biodiesel and electricity, vehicles and a solar panel facility.

The company also engages the community by educating them on how to utilise the environment and save the energy.

The company ensures that customers get the value of their Baltimore gas and electric bill pay through such kind of initiatives.

Baltimore gas and electric Billing and Rates

The bills are broken into parts to show charges for supply, electricity and delivery charges. The total amount of Baltimore gas and electric bill pay is determined by the rates and tariffs in use. The tariff provides the group of the customer, such as residential customers, small commercial customers, large commercial customers and street light customers.For long term customers with financial difficulties can opt to take a personal payment plan where one would pay a third of the total due and pay the rest in instalments before the next payment period.

Online BGE bill pay

This allows one to make Baltimore gas and electric bill pay online.

  1. Sign up for an account gas and electric bill pay
  2. Go to My account, ways to pay, then Online and Auto payment and see the instructions or either login at gas and electric bill pay
  3. Enter your account number or either your debit card, master card or a Discover card account number. Hit submit to continue and make your payment.

Alternative Baltimore gas and electric bill payment options

  1. Pay in person, A person can make the payments using his or her America’s cash Express and Global Express locations and payments can be made with or without your account number.
  2. By phone, call 1.888.232.0088 to make your payment by giving the payment details.
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Company name : Baltimore gas and electric
Address : Address: P.O. Box 1475 Baltimore, MD 21203
State: Maryland
Zip Code : 21203
Phone Number : 800.685.0123

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