Armstrong Cable Payment Options

Armstrong cable logoArmstrong Group of Companies is one of the top telecommunications providers in the country today. They provide top-of-the-line and industry-leading cable, internet, and other telecommunications services to their many subscribers in Marland, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1946 and has its corporate headquarters in Butler, Pennsylvania. Armstrong Group of Companies has branched off to offer 4 main services: Armstrong Cable, Armstrong Zoom Internet, Armstrong Cable Telephone and Armstrong Telephone Company. These 4 constitute the bulk of Armstrong’s operations. in addition to these 4, Armstrong also owns and operates Armstrong Utilities, the number 15 biggest multi-system operator in the country.

Armstrong Cable started in 1963 in Butler, Pennsylvania and all their original cable television customers only came from that area. They have since expanded their service range to include surrounding states. In addition to standard cable TV services, Armstrong cable also provides its customers a slew of cutting-edge and personalized product and service options such as personal video recorders, pay-per-view, video-on-demand and their premium high definition digital programming service. Armstrong Cable also makes it easy and convenient for their customers to pay their cable bill by enabling them to settle their Armstrong Cable bill payments online.

Online Armstrong Cable bill pay procedures

  • Customers first visit
  • They first need to register for an account. They do this by clicking on the “Register for” link at the bottom of the page. register link on login page
  • Customers enter their account information first. This includes their account number, PIN and phone number. Afterwards, they create their username and password. registration page
  • After creating their account, the customers proceed back to the  initial login page.
  • On the initial login page the customers input their username and password. Afterwards they click on the Sign In button. sign in button on login page
  • Customers can now pay their bill online.

Other Armstrong Cable bill payment procedures – by Mail

There are a variety of bill payment procedures for customers to choose from. Aside from paying their bills online, they can also pay by mail. They mail a check or money order to Armstrong, P.O. Box 37750 Philadelphia PA 19101-5050 for ATC customers or Armstrong, P.O. Box 37749 Philadelphia PA 19101-5049 for AUI customers. Customers can also stop by any of Armtrong’s payment centers and pay in person. They can pay using cash, check or money order.

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Company name : Armstrong Group of Companies
Address : 1 Armstrong Place, Butler
State: Pennsylvania
Zip Code : 16001
Phone Number : (724) 283-0925

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