American Family’s Payment Options

Amfam Logo“American Family Insurance” is a company that offers insurance, investment and retirement planning products.

On this article we will show you all of your AMFAM bill payment options.


Pay your American Family Insurance bill online

Paying amfam online is a convenient way to pay your bill. It is a self-service online billing system that is easy to use. If you want to pay online, simply go to and register for an account. MyAccount login snap

Payment options that are available online are checking or savings account and debit or credit card. On the online system you can perform several actions, such as

  • Set up payments such that you can pay your bills automatically at a later date
  • Pay several bills at once
  • View reminders which are sent when your bill is almost due
  • View your statement and know the monthly or minimum cash due.
  • Manage your account.

Step by step guide to pay your bill online

  • Log in to your amfam account
  • Enter your User Id
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the log in button.
    amfam logo3

If you don’t have an account click on the “Enroll today”

Automatic funds transfer

An automatic funds transfer can be set up such that the payments are withdrawn from your account savings or checking at a predetermined time of the month. This ensures that you won’t forget to pay your bill.

Payment by Mail

For you to make this kind of payment visit in order to get the mailing address for your state.
Pay by Mail amfam
Remember to cut off the stub on your bill statement and send it together with your check or money order. If you don’t have the stub, write your policy number on the check. The address to mail to is as below.

Pay by phone

You can pay your American Family Insurance bill by phone. This is by dialing the automated phone system at 1-866-424-8002. This service is available 24 hours. Using this method you can use your savings or checking account and debit or credit card.

If you need more help, contact American Family Insurance payment team at-

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Company name : American Family Insurance
Address : 302 N. Walbridge Ave. Madison
State: WI
Zip Code : 53777
Phone Number : 1-866-424-8002

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