Amazon By GE Money Pay Bill Online Logo has gone a long way since its conception in 1994. Today, it’s considered as the largest internet-based corporation in the whole world, based on the size of its workers and its annual revenue. Founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon started out as an online store selling books across America and 45 other countries. However, the platform soon developed into an open market, which allowed the exchange of goods and services between people—sellers and consumers alike. At present, hundreds of thousands of products are now sold via Amazon, from books to online media, clothing, furniture, even food, jewelry and more.

Amazon continues to grow in scale until today, and the company plans to continue to multiply in Europe and Asia. In addition to growth within a multinational level, Amazon is likewise continually expanding the range of products and services made available to its clients.

A recent addition is an array of loyalty and credit cards that customers can use for purchases. Examples include the Amazon Store Card and the Amazon Corporate Credit Line. The Amazon Store Card is available for individuals, while the Corporate credit line is designed for businesses or institutions who transact on Amazon.

Payment Options for Your Amazon Cards

Amazon Store Card and the Amazon Corporate Credit Line are both issued under Synchrony Bank. As such, users can process payments for both cards by getting in touch with Synchrony either in person or via mail or phone call. Payments on the phone can be accommodate by Synchrony any time within the week (24/7). Users just need to dial the following numbers:

Amazon/Synchrony Hotline: 1-866-634-8379

To arrange payments via mail, users can send cash or checks to the following address:

amazon mail payment adress

Online Payments through Store Card Payment Center

For users who are more comfortable with paying their bills online, amazon store card payment center offers a convenient way of settling your Amazon Card bill. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Open the Amazon/Synchrony Page for managing Amazon cards found at amazon today (This is the direct link)
    Www.Gemoney.Com Amazon Today snap
  2. Login via your User ID. Your password is required only after you confirm a personalized image shown in the next page.
  1. If you haven’t yet, you can register your card through the Register link.
  2. Corporate Line holders can use the “Manage Account” option found in the right side of the page.
  3. After clicking on the Manage Account button, you will be redirected to a different page for User ID then password verification.

Once you login, click on the Payments link found in your account then choose “Make a Payment” to begin processing your payment. Banking details are necessary to complete your transaction.

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